What to do when you hate your job

Do you sometimes feel that you hate your job and have the feeling that you are the only one who suffers from this matter, while everyone around you seems to be occupying the job of their dreams, well this is a wrong feeling, only Gallup site about 85% of employees and workers around the world hate their jobs, for various reasons?

According to Forbes, the principle at work is not feeling happy, but getting things done and making money, so the idea of ​​feeling happy at work is a mistake broadcast in the media and social media, cultivated by the minority whose happiness is actually achieved in work, in the minds of the majority who are already occupied Unbelievable boring jobs.

Perhaps you should reconsider your feelings about your work according to the previous idea, and if you find yourself still hating your work, you should follow the following advice.

You are not a tree Social media platforms are filled with attractive motivational phrases, such as “If you don’t like the situation, then leave it, you are not a tree.” And there is no magic button to make you love or accept your workplace suddenly, but there are some practical steps that may make you feel better somewhat.

Determine exactly what is bothering you at work, is it the field itself or the people around you in the current work environment?

– Allow yourself time to respond to this question, because the answer to it will determine your next step in your working life, if you are not comfortable with your co-workers, then your next task is to search for the same job but in another company.

– If you find that you cannot tolerate the nature of the work itself, then you must give yourself enough time to discover the profession that you really want to occupy, and that is appropriate to your professional capabilities and previous experiences.

– Create a plan to make your move from one field to another possible, even if the first step is to participate in special training courses.

Set limits for work and colleagues If you find yourself immersed in work until it becomes overwhelm your personal life, then the “Experience” website recommends starting to reduce the extra time you spend at work, and accomplishing the required work tasks properly and sufficiently, but without putting more effort and time in unpaid work.

It also affirms the necessity of using your presence in the workplace to gain any available practical or scientific experiences, and not to leave any opportunity to learn without seizing it and benefiting from it.

There is rarely a work environment that does not include good employees, so be sure to know them and establish a good relationship with them, and in general avoid collision and quarrels with others inside the company, so besides that this will increase your hatred for the workplace, it will have a bad return on the experience certificate that the work will provide you with When you leave it.

You should also set limits and rules between you and your coworkers, be careful not to cross them, this does not mean that you are dry or aggressive with your colleagues, but do not let things between you become unnecessarily personal, and kindly refuse the friendship of a colleague that you do not want in his life outside of work.

The annoying director If you are dealing with an unfair manager, this is enough to make you hate the workplace, but there is no issue that cannot be dealt with. In this case, Business Insider advises that you should keep your facial expressions rigid that does not show your true feelings and at the same time repeat a request Or a denunciation issued by your manager again, but in the form of a question, thus making your manager listen to what he said clearly and at the same time prevent misunderstanding.

The site also advises that all abuses that are issued by your manager must be recorded first-hand, whether by e-mail or face-to-face, because you will need them when you complain to their manager or administrative affairs, and the same applies to your colleagues with intrigues and lies.

It is said that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but until you reach this light, look for the real positives in your work, whether it is reasonable to work schedules or a good salary or an understanding manager or a position you deserve, and try to resist your constant desire to complain all the time about work problems Because this will only make your feelings worse.

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