Watch As An Octopus Stuck In A Jar Unscrews The Lid From The Inside

If you ever wanted to see how an octopus responds in a rather tough situation, you’re in luck.

The clip below shows an octopus being placed in a glass jar, with the lid screwed back on tight to close the creature inside. However, in an instant, the Houdini octopus starts plotting his escape by unscrewing the red lid from the inside of the jar. The end result proves that you can’t keep an octopus down.

(source Beata Svengt)

This is why I won’t get an octopus as a pet. I’m convinced that, in the first chance he gets, he’ll escape from his aquarium, crawl into my bedroom, steal my car keys (and possibly my wallet), and make a hasty retreat back to the ocean. What a sneaky creature.

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