Trump news conference with president of Finland

Look at all the press that you attract you believe that’s very impressive enough talk to me. I hope not you lucky. Thank you very much today. It’s my honor to welcome president Nina stop of Finland to the White House and Mr. President. It’s wonderful to host you once again in Washington. We’ve got to know each other over the last period of time and it’s been a great experience the president. I have just concluded very productive discussions on a number of exciting opportunities for our two Nations before going further. I want to express our deep condolences over the horrific stabbing attack that took place yesterday to college in Finland. America is praying for the victims and their families and we send our unwavering love and support. The American and British people are linked by an abiding commitment to self-government individual rights democracy and the rule of law this past May our country celebrated the 100th anniversary of America’s recognition of the independent nation of Finland in 1919 as President Wilson wrote at the time. Our recognition was prompted by the sympathies for a cause similar to that which caused our own Declaration of Independence in 1776. Century after we establish diplomatic relations the United States and fiddling remain United by those same cherished values Central to this effort is our nation’s close cooperation and matters of security and defense, although Finland is not a member of NATO Save a lot of money Finland participates in many NATO missions and exercises on I’m pleased that Finland has substantially increased its military budget American Finland are also working together to advance the ability freedom of navigation and respect for national sovereignty in the Arctic. Both of our nations are committed to a secure Arctic region free from external intrusion interference in George. Simply put we believe that the Affairs of the Arctic should be governed by the actual nations of the Arctic and as you know, there are other people coming into the Arctic and we don’t like it and Jim let it happen and we won’t let it happen the United States and Finland are likewise partnering to ensure the security of 5G networks. It is critical that we use safe and trustworthy technology providers components and Supply chains. 

The owners’ Innovation Center in film welcome. Mr. Fantastic job with it. This Innovation said to will greatly expand American and finish businesses and cooperation in 5G. We’re also glad that the Finnish company Nokia great company a global leader in 5G technology is developing its cutting-edge products right here in the United States at Bell Labs in New Jersey. Of course, the United States foreign direct investment from Finland totals over ten billion dollars each year finish own companies invest more than 120 million dollars in research and development and America and expand our exports by more than 1 billion dollars just today finished Nokia and tires opened a new manufacturing plant in Dayton, Tennessee a 360 million dollar investment that is creating hundreds of brand-new. Beautiful jobs for a great state of Tennessee. We love Tennessee. So they made a wise choice. You never lose. When you go to Tennessee, I encourage other finished companies to increase their investments in the United States. There is simply never been a better time to do business in America. We have passed the largest tax cuts and reform and also regulation Cuts in the history of our country we / business tax and we’re fueling job growth through our record-setting campaign to abolish all of those really terrible unnecessary regulations. We have plenty of regulations, but many of them we didn’t need we get rid of them. 

The American economy is booming wages are rising incomes The Soaring and unemployment has hit its lowest level in more than half. The century we want finished companies to join in America’s extraordinary economic Revival. So many countries are coming in and seeking a place. We have the hottest economy in the world and is the hot place to be they all want to be here. The president. I am also working on a way to improve International Trade based on the principle of fairness and my favorite word reciprocity. I hope that Finland which now holds the rotating presidency of the EU Council will support our efforts to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement with the European Union. We’re gonna have to start doing something with the European Union because they have not been treating this country right for many many years and they know it and I tell them and I Know It America’s trade deficit with the EU has been averaging a hundred and sixty billion dollars a year for many many years achieving more balanced than robust trade flows would greatly benefit both Finland and t the United States, we also appreciate feeling strong partnership in combating predatory Trade Practices worldwide, including the theft of intellectual property from traitor security from travel to Commerce. We are immensely grateful for our clothes and deeply valued friendship with the people of Finland great people, and we’re now working on a deal to sell a large number of airplanes fighter jets. Hopefully to Finland, see how that works out, but we make the greatest hits in the world. We make the greatest missiles and military equipment anywhere in the world. Nobody’s even close. Mr. President. I want to thank you again for visiting the White House. The history of our two Nations is a profound testament to the importance of our independence and resolve to defend it. I look forward to continuing to work alongside you as we Safeguard our precious sovereignty and build a bright future of Hope Harmony and peace for the American and finished people and thank you very much.

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