Trump In India And What He's Doing That The MSM Isn't Telling You

Namaste, that actually means hi in Indiana, don’t worry I’m not turning a full hippie-dippie, but anyway, Donald Trump officially retweeted upon the announcement of his visit to India which we will be breaking down the significance of geopolitically, especially with all the incredible news happening around American foreign policy including the latest information about the Afghanistan Taliban peace deal that you’re not hearing about in the mainstream media, the extremely messy situation unfolding right now in Syria with Turkey Russia and China is very involved in what looks like a situation that will soon escalate to very dangerous proportions, and then, of course, we’re also gonna be talking about China Philippines there is, of course, a lot more all specifically surrounding American hegemony foreign policy, geopolitical updates that of course, you won’t hear from MSM, so I mean you don’t even hear about the topic of foreign policy being discussed in the presidential debates but it is a key important factor since American foreign policy is essentially policy of the world. india map

We’re gonna do that plus a lot more on this independent media organization that is supported by you and one easy quick way to support us without even spending a dime is by interacting with advertisements, now, of course, there is a lot of news about Donald Trump’s official visit to India and of course we’re seeing a lot of superficial news about this especially with Donald Trump labeling this the biggest event that they ever had bragging that he’s gonna be holding the largest gathering ever, India is spending 14 million dollars to hide the slums and very unsanitary neighborhoods in the surrounding regions but of course this is all superficial stuff that actually doesn’t matter, oh yeah there’s also been missed talks of monkeys in the fears of monkeys attacking Trump.

Personally being to India myself those are aggressive monkeys but anyway away from all of those distractions this particular meeting does have a lot of implications especially when it comes to American foreign policy and American hegemony with the Philippines recently ending US military cooperation with the United States after the United States put sanctions on some Philippines officials for fighting their war on drugs is a very aggressive fashion and now with the Philippines openly embracing China and Russia along with the news of a possible Afghanistan peace deal that will see some of the US troops returning home and the prospects of the US military-industrial complex winding down in the Philippines and Afghanistan, India’s right here in the middle, how convenient.

Number one still keeps its influence its military presence around very important trading routes and still have a significant presence against their geopolitical foes China and Russia and just strictly talking about policy here not whether something is good or wrong, an alliance with India does make sense since it is a population of 1.3 billion people most of which that speak English and it’s a country that is also seeking close relationships to the United States since of course they are buying a lot of US military equipment which of course makes the military-industrial complex, the intelligence agencies and the mainstream media very happy and giddy about.

Now, of course, India is doing this because of their very tense heated relationship with their neighbor Pakistan that again is an extremely worrying situation and has both of these two countries on the brink of nuclear war and India also needs this because of their also tense relationship with China who are their geopolitical foes which is a shared common interest with the United States and India is still having very serious negotiations and tense military standoffs with the Chinese military about contested land in the Himalayan area so doubling down on the US alliance with India is a strategic win-win for both countries.

Now let me clear up some myths that are being perpetrated by the mainstream media that are absolutely hooey one of them is that the United States specifically the U.S. President Donald Trump has a very close and cozy relationship with Russia and Putin and as we documented with many incidences that is definitely not the case at all, we will go into this later, there is news of a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan that of course many hardline mainstream media neocon critics are detesting this, a deal that is in play, right now there’s a seven-day reduction in violence treaty happening right now and if this next six days have no violence there will be other steps of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan which again it’s been 19 years long since this happened, there has been absolutely nothing accomplished, 10000 last year some estimates a hundred thousand civilians killed or injured, 90% opium is supplied from that country with the protection of the United States military who also are told to protect pedophiles in Afghanistan military and getting trouble for exposing that fact, it’s pretty sick, now of course I am all for negotiations diplomacy and peace deals being brought forward and yes this is a step in the positive direction and you shouldn’t believe the mainstream media garbage and yokan crap thrown at you that are against this but a big point that a lot of people are missing here is that the troop withdrawals that would happen would bring back the troop levels to the original levels that were there when Donald Trump first took office before of course he surged more troops in there and even though this is again a step in the right direction it still needs to be put in perspective with the realization that the military-industrial complex always gets their way regardless who is president, regardless what President under what party under what color or gang promises you.

As we’ve been seeing from Trump Bush Obama promises of no intervention of bringing the troops home and of course that doesn’t happen that doesn’t change with the president which shows you that the military-industrial complex is predominantly at the helm of power in the United States while of course other countries like China and Russia are cementing more personality-driven leadership that wants to be in power for life with important steps taken by Russia and China to do this, specifically China is in a very interesting spot, on that very good spot as a rising power that some say will be questioning U.S. global hegemony, it is also a country filled with a lot of problems, a lack of resources and geopolitically located, am not not just talking about the lack of natural resources farming ability and water which they’ve been combating by trying to farm in deserts and of course also trying to establish island military bases because again they are in a very weak position landlocked here this is why also China’s expansion into this very rich fertile land area has increased tensions between India and them, but China of course is reeling especially economically after the latest corona virus outbreaks that seem to be increasing and only getting worse, from here the economic impacts have been so severe that china is now encouraging its own citizens to return to work even though it is clearly still very unsafe for them to do so, and with China in a very desperate situation as its own individual empire that is reeling and in decline.

Historically when that happens this is usually a time for instability and brazen actions by their leadership which is something that we should keep a close eye on whenever empires are in economic decline we usually see conflicts emerge because of that.

Now let’s talk about Russia the vast empire in the north that has the same economy as Italy, you know the country that the US intelligence agencies and the mainstream media have been crying about and actively trying to manipulate you to hate Russia, you know that country, you know who’s actively involved in cyber warfare hacking and subversion just like all the other countries in the world, again one other misnomer, one other thing that people should really understand is that Israel Saudi Arabia China India the United States England all hack each other, there’s a major cyberwar happening, allies don’t matter, information is key and they are trying to gather as much information as they can on all of each other so the fact that Russia is always highlighted as the problem here while clear intervention, clear collusion outright just manipulation and lobbying by other countries it isn’t even mentioned is a huge disservice, and shows you that something else is going.

On here and again you should be extremely skeptical whenever an anonymous source speaks without showing any evidence which the mainstream media is just running wild with right now and then the situation with Russia and the United States it’s not one of a bromance, it’s not a good one it’s one that’s deteriorating and also has the world on edge there’s even just an incredible footage showing jihadis in Syria trying to shoot down Russian jets with advanced surface-to-air missiles that they could only get from advanced militaries that gave them those capabilities all of this is happening as the US military cannot account for giving seven hundred and fifteen million dollars to quote the the Syrian rebels and of course many people are highlighting how this was weaponry for Syrian partners to fight Isis but again as we’ve been highlighting here there’s been many documented photos and videos showing of military supply ships dropping supplies to Isis, there’s been many independent verified videos and footage that we have that show jihadis with US military equipment, there’s jihadis Isis al-nusrah running away from their position uncovering most of their supplies surprise surpris, came from either the United States Israel or Saudi Arabia and of course it’s no secret that the United States was arming and funding the jihadis and quote moderate rebels which turned out to be Isis al-nusra and all these other radical groups to the tunes of hundreds of millions of dollars and the fact that the United States military can’t account for this as of course jihadis are still using advanced surface-to-air missiles to shoot down russian military aircraft shows you that again the war is no longer in a neutral state and will be only escalating from here with rising tensions between Russia and the United States that are reaching a boiling point it’s not only in Syria that this this is happening this is also happening in Libya where one faction of the Libyan government, because there’s many now, that it’s a totally failed state with many factions vying for power, one faction is asking for the United States to establish a military base there while another faction is closely working with Russia setting off.

jihadist arm

Yet another example of the larger proxy war that is happening between these two global nuclear powers who of course are in a second nuclear arms race and only advancing and building new future weapons that utterly bankrupt and corrupt government states handing out endless government welfare funds to the military-industrial complex to the tune of trillions of dollars as of course the situation only gets worse from here now if you remember Donald Trump talked about withdrawing troops from Syria which he never did, all he did is withdraw troops from the Kurdish controlled areas and move them along to the Syrian oil fields which they still are at right now, the United States military is occupying Syrian oil fields it is not their oil but they’re still there under the leadership of Donald Trump who is keeping them there this, of course, is directly creating many clashes with Syrian militias and also Russian forces in the region that are literally driving each other off the road blocking each other from patrolling certain areas and creating incidences of road rage that could literally escalate towards global war and of course spark a wider conflict.

Since again the United States has been on the side of rebels the Russian government has been on the side of the Syrian government and to make the situation that much worse and that much more complicated Turkey had another complete foreign policy shift and is now currently asking the United States for missile defense systems to fend off Russian influence in the region now if you remember a few years ago turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet this has escalated a situation where a NATO ally was almost at war with Russia since then Russia and Turkey have worked together agreed upon many different partnerships and look like they had a very cozy relationship with turkey even asking to supply them with Russian military defense missile systems which angered the United States that, the United States sent sections against turkey the United States left the Kurdistan region which turkey again invaded after the United States left and now the turkey did a whole other u-turn and now they’re pissed off at Russia since Russia is standing behind the Syrian government and is asking Turkey to leave the Syrian occupied territory that they are holding right now in a bleb again Turkey’s policy, again just completely bipolar can’t be trusted, very unstable in the region and currently they are occupying a part of Syria where they are allowing Sunni radical Islamic jihadist to rule, they even shoot and execute woman for the crime of adultery in that region, there’s been other turkey proxy militants in that region that have been executing beheading filming Kurdish prisoners and civilians with of course the Syrian military and their forces answering back and demanding that Turkey pull out of that region, and with the Syrian army with the support of the Russians sending more troops towards that region it is expected to be yet another global geopolitical catastrophe that hopefully the United States stays out of even though there’s under complete see if our buffoon celebrit are idiots like Angelina Jolie that are asking the United States to help out the rebel groups in Syria I mean gosh golly how putrid disgusting this one owns mental instability have to be calling for more US troops involved in this utterly chaotic stupid situation that doesn’t serve anyone other than the military-industrial complex so again, in short, we have a lot of promises from Donald Trump to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan but he’s just gonna eventually maybe if the neocons and the mainstream media and intelligence agencies don’t have their way with him like they usually do, maybe we’ll be back to where the troops were when he first got into office.

What we’ve seen in Syria, Trump promising pull out but now keeping the troops in Syrian oil fields which directly puts our troops in danger and just hijacks and steals the country’s energy supply for some reason the United States is, of course, going to be expanding their empire with of course their close alliance with India right now that they’re gonna be building on and with the Chinese Empire and the Klein they’re definitely not going to be going away quietly Russia, of course, will be always expanding and building upon their interests but they are stuck in a very tough situation inside of Syria right now and this situation is just an absolute hotbed that could blow up at any moment and time so yeah don’t believe the mainstream media, I mean you look the geopolitical situation I haven’t seen anyone, I don’t even see anyone even on the alternative media break down what’s happening around the world.

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