Tips for protection from radiation of smartphones

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection has recommended some preventive measures to protect against the risk of radiation from smartphones.

German experts explained that the first of these measures is not to use mobile phones in places where the network is weakened: the weaker the telephone network, the greater the need to operate the phone more powerful.

So it is best to avoid making phone calls if reception is bad, for example in trains, metro, and cars, as well as places where the service is not well served.

Experts also advise keeping the phone away from the ear as much as possible, as the density of electromagnetic fields decreases rapidly with distance. It is recommended to make calls using headphones, car speakers, or loudspeakers.

On the other hand, experts recommend before buying the phone to check what is known as the value of the specific absorption rate (SAR), a measure of high-frequency energy absorbed by the body tissues when using mobile phones. It is understood that the maximum allowed is 2 watts per kilogram.

Source: German

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