The best way to sit so as not to hurt your knee and thigh

Poor sitting postures are the main causes of knee and thigh pain, in which women suffer more than men.

Knee pain is a recurring problem that affects people of all ages, possibly resulting in a ligament-like injury or cartilage injury, writer Francesco Sanchez said.

In addition, it can also be the result of other diseases such as arthritis and gout that can contribute to hip pain.

Berbera Bergen also showed that 90% of women suffer from these pains, so women should sit with two legs apart rather than the position of the legs intersection, to prevent the development of pain in the knees and thighs.

The writer pointed out that women believe that sitting in the posture of the knees increases their femininity, which leads to the winding of the femur and pressure on the joints and muscles of the legs. In contrast, sitting with divergent legs – especially for women – can alleviate the pain caused by stress on the tendons.

Men tend to sit with legs and feet stretched on the floor while keeping their bodies aligned and stable, and when they stand it should be firmly on both sides, rather than tilted to one side. Advertising

Pain is more common in women after the age of forty, usually caused by pressure caused by a large pelvis and sit long periods and dependence on one leg and not the other.

Keeping the knees together puts pressure on parts of the thighs, legs, and knees. This is caused by the wrong sitting positions of knees bent, so it is advisable to sit with separate legs.

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