Study says the higher the intelligence of a man the less likely betrayal of his partner

When talking about moral values, they often mention fulfillment. In fact, an honest and loyal person is trustworthy and honest, but fulfillment is not tied to having a high level of intelligence.

On the other hand, the unfaithful is considered a cunning person because of his habit of dealing cunningly and because of his ability to lie, which makes him less stupid than those who are loyal.

In this report, published by the Russian site “FBR” Russian writer Ternieva Anastasia on the study showed that the higher the IQ of the man the lower the likelihood of betrayal of his partner.

The fulfillment of men The man spends the whole day out of the house, making him easy prey for temptations and other relationships, while his partner spends the entire day at home and doing housework. Some then consider that the wife should accept the betrayal of her partner as a tax for not contributing materially to the welfare of the family.

In this way, the man believes in the life and continuity of his family. In contrast, women have to accept his weaknesses that were not visible on the social level.

Unlike men, unfaithful or unfaithful women were sentenced to abuse and even contempt for society, as if betrayal was halal for men and something unnatural in the case of women, but time changed and roles turned somewhat, and fighting women for their rights changed relationships.

Men are no longer the sole breadwinners of the family, and women no longer distract attention or condone the alleged vulnerabilities of males. Thus, the betrayal of men or women is no longer normal, and both parties are obliged to respect their agreements, and fulfillment remains one of the strongest indicators of family well-being.

study Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa, in a study at the London School of Economics, proposed analyzing the role of men’s fulfillment in the evolution of mankind. To do this, scientists analyzed data from previous studies on the social behavior of adolescents and adults, as well as their IQ. As a result, Kanazawa found that there is a relationship between high IQ and loyalty, that is, more intelligent people seek to find a relationship in which they are committed to loyalty and sincerity.

Development The author points out that a person’s loyalty may be a sign of how well he developed. Kanazawa’s relationship between loyalty and high IQ led him to believe that male poverty can develop in the direction of correct behavior. For the researcher, smart people often question the existing system by suggesting distinctive and innovative behavior.

For Kanazawa, male loyalty refers to evolution, and this will be more pronounced in men with a high IQ, but the study cannot say for sure at all. Although Kanazawa is a specialist and his opinion is based on data, it remains just an opinion. Some are likely to oppose it, but it has undoubtedly opened the door to analysis of human behavior and sexual development.

In conclusion, the author noted that it is not possible to say that intelligence is linked to loyalty or infidelity. In this sense, one must act as required by morality, knowing that infidelity destroys the family and negatively affects the mental health of the victim.

Even though betrayal has been normal for centuries, it is time to cut it and get rid of it.

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