Staying within your comfort zone makes you live a life free of excitement

Whether your concerns are about the fate of your relationship, your career, your death, or uneasiness about something, insistence on staying within your comfort zone will make you live a limited life without risk and excitement.

Amy Maureen, an internationally recognized psychotherapist and author of “13 Steps for the Strong Minded” – outlined 10 fears that should be abandoned to move on with your life in a report published by Business Insider.

  1. Change We live in a permanently changing world, and this change is happening more quickly than ever. Despite this fact, many people fear change and therefore resist it.

This decision can cause you to miss good opportunities, risk stagnation and stay stuck when you avoid change.

  1. Unity Fear of loneliness sometimes leads people to resist the idea of ​​living alone or may lead them to stay in abusive relationships. It can lead people to use social media so obsessively that they lose the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with others.

Although it is smart to avoid loneliness, it is important to surround yourself with good people and use social relationships.

  1. Failure One of the most common concerns on the ground is fear of failure, and in fact, embarrassing to fail.

In addition, you may avoid doing anything in which success is not guaranteed, so you miss life lessons and opportunities that may help you find success.

  1. Rejection Many people avoid doing things like meeting new people or trying to get into a new relationship because of fear of rejection. Even people who marry find them sometimes avoid asking something from their long-time companion imagining that the other will say no.

If you are afraid to ask your employer for a wage increase, the fear of rejection will leave you stuck, and even though the rejection may be hurtful, the pain of missing a valuable opportunity is unmatched.

  1. Uncertainty People often avoid trying something different out of fear of uncertainty. In the end, there is no guarantee that you will get better once you do something new. However, staying the same means you stay in a recession, whether you are afraid to accept a new job or move to a new city. It must not let the fear of uncertainty hold you back.

  2. Something bad will happen The occurrence of bad things is an unfortunate reality in life, but sometimes the fear of destruction prevents people from enjoying life.

In this regard, we cannot prevent bad things from happening all the time, and in return, we must not let this fear prevent us from living a rich and full of good things.

  1. Being hurt Fortunately, we learn from our parents or trusted people to check both directions before crossing the street so that we don’t get hurt, but our fear of being hurt can make us overly protect ourselves. Fear of uncomfortable feelings and emotional pain can prevent us from establishing deep and meaningful bonds. We refrain from taking risks at work but without taking a risk we will not be rewarded.

  2. Fear of prejudices It’s normal to want to be loved, but fear of prejudices prevents you from being on your side, and in fact, others may judge us harshly.

Conversely, trust in the mental power of living according to our values ​​is the key to living life better.

  1. Not enough Many people share another kind of fear in which they feel that they are not good enough, and if you feel that you are not rising too high standards, you are likely to become a dedicated person, trying to prove your value.

In the same vein, you can be rooted in the fear that you are largely incompetent, but without facing it you will never succeed until you feel you deserve it.

  1. Loss of freedom Having a certain percentage of fear is healthy, but it can become a problem when it hinders us from living. Fear of losing freedom may become a self-fulfilling “prophecy” that has been achieved for many people. For example, someone who wants to live a free life is more likely to avoid a fixed-income job and thus may lose the freedom of financial stability. As a result, it is important to reflect on what we might lose because of the fear of losing some freedoms.

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