Turkish's special Forces units continue to advance in the eastern Euphrates region

This came in a statement published by the ministry on the operation launched by Turkey on Wednesday northeastern Syria, with a statement attached to the scenes of the progress of these forces.

The Turkish Armed Forces have pushed more troops to support their units on the Syrian border, as well as a column of antivehicle vehicles pushed to Gaziantep Province.

Sources told the Anatolia news agency that the aim of these forces is to support Turkish units on the Syrian border.

White hill quiet On the other hand, calm prevailed this morning, the city of Tal Abyad of the Syrian province of Raqqa, after the bombing of Turkish artillery and tanks sites of what Ankara calls terrorists in the city and its surroundings, in the framework of the peace spring yesterday.

Turkish bombardment of several positions in Tal Abyad – with the start of the military operation – until midnight last night, before decreasing the frequency in the following hours.

Anatolia correspondent said that units of the Turkish army crossed the border from several axes towards Tel Abyad throughout the night.

It is noteworthy that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launch of his country’s army in cooperation with the Syrian National Army, Operation “spring of peace” in the area east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria.

The military operation seeks to eliminate what Turkey calls the “terrorist” corridor, which efforts are being made to establish on its southern border, and bring peace and stability in the region.

Turkey briefed the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, NATO, and the UN Secretary-General on Wednesday afternoon.

Starting operations The Turkish artillery bombed the positions of the “People’s Protection” Kurdish units in Tel Abyad coincided with clashes in the region. The Turkish Defense Ministry said it had bombed 181 targets as part of the military operation “Spring of Peace” launched by the Turkish army on Wednesday evening in northeastern Syria against Kurdish militants.

The operation began on Wednesday afternoon with Turkish fighter jets bombed on positions of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units in Tal Abyad. The protection forces said that the Turkish bombing killed five civilians and wounded dozens of others, and killed three of its fighters.

Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that Turkish forces crossed the Syrian border on Wednesday to the cities of Tel Abyad and Ras Al-Ain from four axes, along with the forces of the “Syrian National Army” of the Syrian opposition.

For its part, said the Syrian news agency that the Turkish army began to remove a number of concrete blocks at the separation barrier on the Turkish border with Syria.

On the other hand, said the official PYD information in Europe Hussein Fiqh that resisting what he called the “Turkish occupation” in northern Syria by all possible means, is the choice of the SDF and the rest of its components.

Source: Anatolia Agency

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