South Korean officials: There is no indication that Kim Jong-un is experiencing physical problems

According to a media report on Tuesday (April 21), North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was seriously ill, leading to a sharp depreciation of South Korean currency and the South Korean stock market. Earlier, according to an unconfirmed report, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was seriously ill, causing the South Korean won to fall sharply against the dollar on Tuesday.

At present, the Korean won has fallen 1.17% against the US dollar at 1233.4.

According to CNN on Tuesday, citing a directly informed US official who asked not to be named, Washington is “monitoring intelligence” and Kim Jong-un is “in serious danger after surgery.”

At the same time, the Korean stock market also experienced a sharp decline, with the Kospi index falling by 2.62% and the Kosdaq index falling by 3.47%. The share price of defense company Victek surged 29.66%, while North Korea ’s shares in Hanil Hyundai Cement and Hyundai Elevator plunged more than 6% respectively.

According to reports, on April 15, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un missed his grandfather’s birthday celebrations, raising questions about his health. CNN reported that four days before that, someone saw him at a government meeting.

According to a report by South Korean media quoted by Reuters on Tuesday, Kim Jong Il underwent a cardiovascular surgery earlier this April and is currently undergoing treatment. Earlier, Kim Jong-un was absent from an important anniversary event, and the outside world speculated on his health.

The professional website Daily NK quoted unnamed sources in North Korea as saying that Kim Jong-un underwent surgery at a hospital in Xuanshan County, a resort on the east coast of Mount Kong on April 12, and is currently recovering.

The Chosun Ilbo reported that due to heavy smoking, obesity, and overwork, Kim Jong-un ’s health has deteriorated in recent months.

April 15 was a national holiday on the first anniversary of Kim Il Sung ’s grandfather, the founding father of North Korea and Kim Jong Un, but Kim Jong Il did not attend.

As far as North Korea is concerned, especially on issues related to the country ’s leadership, North Korea has very strict control over information.

The Unification Ministry, which deals with North Korean affairs, declined to comment on the report.

The Chosun Ilbo reported that due to heavy smoking, obesity, and overwork, Kim Jong-un ’s health has deteriorated in recent months.

”My understanding is that since August last year, he has been fighting cardiovascular disease, but after many trips to Baitou Mountain, his condition has deteriorated,” a source said.

According to reports, Kim Jong Il went to the hospital after presiding over the Politburo meeting of the Workers ‘Party of Korea on April 11, and Kim Jong Un ’s last public appearance was at the Politburo meeting of the Labour Party.

Pyongyang fired several short-range missiles last week. Seoul officials said it was also one of the activities to celebrate Kim Il Sung ’s birthday. Such military incidents are usually inspected on the spot by Kim Jong-un, but North Korea ’s Central News Agency has no report on the test.

South Korean officials: There are no signs of Kim Jong-un ’s physical health problems

. According to CCTV news reports, the media reported on the 21st that North Korea ’s top leader Kim Jong-un ’s physical health problems. Several South Korean government officials said there were no signs that Kim Jong-un ’s physical health problems problem. Other government officials said that Kim Jong Un also recently appeared in the event.

Earlier, South Korean online media quoted “North Korean sources” as saying that Kim Jong-un underwent cardiovascular surgery on the 12th of this month. According to North Korean official reports, Kim Jong-un’s latest appearance was to chair the Politburo meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea on April 11. However, on the following April 15th, Kim Jong-un was absent from the event to commemorate the birth of Kim Il Sung at the Sun Palace of Jinxiu Mountain in Pyongyang. This was the first time he had been absent from this commemorative event since he came to power.

More accurate news has yet to be further verified, but the news within a few days has triggered a sharp fall in the Korean won and Korean stock markets and was wary of new news triggering market volatility.

Source: caijingyaowen

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