Sleep disorders .. What causes them? Where are the risks?

Some people suffer from sleep disorders, what causes them? What are the risks? How can they be confronted?

Dr. Ulrich Fodderholzer says sleep disorders mean an inability to enjoy a restful and comfortable sleep at least three nights a week for more than four weeks.

The German psychiatrist added that sleep disorders have several reasons, including physical and psychological.

Physical causes are thyroid diseases, neurological diseases, and night breathing disorders, while psychological causes are work problems, interpersonal relationships, depression or trauma.

Serious consequences Sleep disorders lead to fatigue, fatigue, poor concentration and mood disorder, and may have serious consequences such as depression and falling into the trap of alcohol and drug addiction, according to sleep researcher Professor Kenegenia Richter.

To cope with sleep disorders, Richter recommends a regular rhythm of sleep and waking up, staying away from caffeinated beverages long enough to go to bed, and staying away from the screens, whether the TV screen or the screens of smart devices, since the blue light emitted by these devices delay the secretion of the hormone “melatonin “It is important to control the rhythm of day and night.

It is also important that the bedroom be an ideal sleeping environment, and for this purpose, the bedroom temperature should be between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius, and be dark and noise-free.

Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation can also be used to combat stress. If these measures do not work against sleep disorders, then you should consult your doctor.

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