Russia warns and Kurds mobilize .. List of the latest developments of the Turkish operation in Syria

Turkish troops are preparing to launch a military operation in northern Syria with the aim of keeping Kurdish fighters out of their borders and establishing a safe area, enabling Syrian refugees to return home.

The following are the most important political and field developments:

border crossing Turkey’s forces will cross the Syrian border with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters “soon,” the head of communications said.

Turkey has sent more armored vehicles to the border with Syria, and a convoy of dozens of vehicles was seen in the town of Aggekala in the Turkish province of Chanli Urfa.

He said Kurdish forces could defect, “otherwise Turkey will have no choice but to prevent them from disrupting our efforts against the Islamic State.”

Opposition in the field The opposition Syrian National Coalition has confirmed its commitment to fighting terrorism in Syria and working with its partners in Turkey to defeat the fighters of the Turkish Protection Units, which Ankara classifies as a terrorist organization.

The coalition said in a statement that it had participated for months “in the broad effort that has been made to establish a safe area in northern Syria, and to provide conditions that allow for the voluntary return of displaced persons and refugees.”

The coalition stressed that the “Syrian National Army” is ready to confront terrorism in cooperation and joint work with Turkey, so as to ensure the national interests of the Syrian people of various ethnic and religious components.

The Kurds are mobilizing The Kurdish self-administration on Wednesday declared “general exile” for three days in its control areas in northern and northeastern Syria, in response to Ankara’s readiness to start its military operation.

“With the escalation of threats and the mobilization of the Turkish army, we declare the state of public alarm for three days at the level of northern and eastern Syria,” the self-administration said in a statement.

She called on “all our administrations, institutions and people with all its components to go to the border region adjacent to Turkey, to carry out their moral duty and to show resistance in these sensitive historical moments.”

America is moving away For its part, the Pentagon confirmed that it had moved its troops from northeastern Syria for safety, away from the path of a possible Turkish operation in the region.

Earlier, the US president announced the withdrawal of troops from the region, paving the way for the Turkish incursion.

US President Donald Trump’s surprise decision drew widespread criticism from top Republicans, as it was seen as a renunciation of Kurdish forces that were Washington’s key ally in the fight against ISIS.

Russian warning Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned of the dangers of Washington sending contradictory signals about its withdrawal from northern Syria, saying it could “ignite the whole region” and called for protecting the territorial integrity of Syria.

Lavrov said the Kurds were “deeply concerned” after America announced its troop withdrawal and feared it would “ignite the entire region”. “This should be avoided at all costs,” he said.

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