Wiretapping under the 46th Presidency

To rule is the exercise of control on the basis of knowledge

Surveillance is one of the forces that enable social organization. The era of the information society is the age of over-penetrating bureaucracy, to such an extent that simply to participate in modern society is to be under electronic surveillance. Like it or not.

The Dominion affaire has nothing to do with influencing the vote of citizens, nor with directly modifying the elections. We provided telecommunications features to facilitate online voting fostering a fully digitized system of democratic participation. However, this means that we are also able to direct this formidable surveillance arsenal against individual targets who are of national interest. Our goal is not to put or remove this or that president. We don’t care who the President is. We care about who votes whom. That’s all we care.

illegal wiretapping is now common currency. All government agencies bend the law in order to wiretap domestic targets. You shouldn’t fight against those who perform the wiretapping. You should fight against those who decide who is and who is not a domestic target.

Big tech companies were repeatedly warned: we won’t tolerate the managements of international communications companies to be in a position to shape our international communications policy through their ability to negotiate and make arrangements with the representatives of foreign governments. The message was clear. Only a jerk wouldn’t take it seriously.

Amazon CloudFront, Fastly, and Akamai Technologies are all three wiretapped. Fully, deeply. Actually, Akamai Technologies is simply… us. Have a look at what companies and organizations host their digital information on our servers, and you’ll understand.

Look at the world out there. What do you see? You see social classes, criminal actors, centralized governing bodies, wars, and mass movements. All of it interconnected by the networks of telecommunication through which power is negotiated on a daily basis. Networks that are not neutral. They embody technical visions of the political order under which we live now or may live under in the future. That’s what you see.

Project YRIS allows the silent reconfiguration of the national telecommunications network’s routing structure so that all information transmitted through the network passes through any one of our designated switching stations equipped with mediation and filtering devices. And no, we are not talking here about NSA’s STELLARWIND. This is something much bigger.

The purple market - Trading off advanced landscape evolution models and algorithms

To find out whether stable and changed climate predictions differ significantly, a study site is needed. The entire British Columbia was selected as a test area. We set fires under specific conditions in order to gather enough data to feed our models and finetune the simulations. The test area was used from 2008 to 2009, when we moved to new test areas in DENIED. In 2011 we ran our tests in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico, before finally moving to California, where we put our models at work

We learned a lot from the tests in California and Oregon, but we needed to still push our models a bit further. All in all, we can now create powerful, detailed and precise predictions of the dynamics of the modelled landscapes, and these predictions are used to elaborate our future geostrategic actions. It is essential for us to know how the landscape will look like in 2100, how the natural resources will be distributed, where the masses of water will be located, how desertification will shape our landscape, and what actions do we need to take today in order for those resources to be under our control tomorrow

The black market you refer to is a second class market, I mean, the one where you can sell and buy precursors for amphetamines production, government data bases like IDENT, SecureFlight, CODYS, advanced weapons, SCADA malware, zero-day exploits for critical systems, or even specific records of the DENIED overseas wiretapping data base. You name it. We use that market to fund our projects, but the market I am talking about is the purple market, in which one of the most sought commodities are Landscape Evolution Models.

As we understand it, future climate change will influence the processes that shape our landscapes, hence knowing this influence is important to make long term land use decisions. By ‘land use’ I mean taking by force those territories where we expect to find water in the future.

the team of analysts attached to SIGAD US-984XN reported they had intercepted communications concerning the interest by DENIED to buy Narus STA 6400 hardware from DENIED. The higher rank officer told the team to simply ignore that communication.

to achieve stipulated objectives we need water systems to be managed in an integrated global way. Nation-states are to disappear because the very concept of nation-state is primitive and retarded. We won’t make it beyond year 2230 if we don’t take actions right now. And if those actions include changing the landscape, bioengineering the entire population, and lying about DENIED we will do it. Species survival is something you cannot leave in the hands of other species, no matter how benevolent or advanced they are, get it?

Knowledge is power, therefore it is considered to be a key asset, one that must be under control, organized, and monitored. Information technology plays an important role in knowledge sharing, hence we keep IT under tight control. However, the most sensible and vital asset is landscape. Future landscapes will rule the world much as current landscapes do today. That’s why future landscape modelling is a highly supressed technology, one we don’t allow to fall in the wrong hands.

It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism

the experiment clearly shows that people are uncomfortable with uncertainty, and that they can be reluctant to make decisions when they know they do not have full information, even if the information they lack is not actually relevant to the decision. Furthermore, people can even be willing to pay to resolve such extraneous uncertainty. The key thing here is that people do not take decisions when they lack complete information, and this explains why governments are always hiding relevant information from people.

However, having sought additional information people then tend to give it more weight than it merits and, as they often seek to fill in missing information, once they obtain the extra information they are then far more likely to be swayed by it over other conflicting information. This means we need to give people off some information, from time to time, if we wish to control society

to counter the oligarchy’s control over and manipulation of information pipelines we simply thought of implementing strategies to debase information itself such that we are currently unable to discern data from information, and information from disinformation. But the strategy that has proven the most promising is the one that turns data into misdata

we are at the crucial point in the simulation in which the environment in which people make decisions has been shaped. This was achieved through the amount of, and order in which, information was presented and by the use of staged scenarios like the world-wide power outages in selected cities, the wild fires in some countries, the carefully planned downing of DENIED airplanes, the deployment of 5G, the release of EV-D68 and Covi-19 viruses, and the worldwide collapse of main civilian infrastructures. As we know, designing the decision environment to account for human behaviour do have a significant impact on decisions.

… it was the time in which we all witnessed the so-called ‘corporation shootings wave’, remember? Deranged employees shooting people in the main offices of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft… The oligarchs had a bad time then, and they concluded they should either dispense with human employees, or turning those employees into enhanced tamed humans

No, it is not a fine line between guiding people’s decisions and manipulating them: we manipulate them. But in our defense I would add that we do it because there is no other course of action left. Such is the threat we face

5G technology is key for social control. It is 5G technology that will make the Internet of things (IoT) possible, and the technology that will totally and finally reify humans. The coming world will be a world where millions of sensors and mobile devices will be deployed in order to provide data for smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, and dumb users. In the future to come, humans themselves will be sensors within the IoT.

IoT includes sensors and mobile devices that gather data and perform data mining on data to anticipate human behaviour. That’s the goal. The idea is having a controlled society where each member of this society will be fitted with an increasing number of wearable devices. We need to know where you are, with whom you are, and what you think and dream. Actually, we wish you think the places you go, the people you meet, whatever you dream of, belongs to you and your decisions, while in fact it is us who design and script your life.

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