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Trump Pardons 73 and Commutes Sentences of 70

Recipients include Steve Bannon, Former GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy and rapper Lil Wayne Read

There’s as Much to Learn From Trump’s Success as His Disgrace

Responsible leaders made his election possible by creating a vacuum that a demagogue could fill. Read

Democrats are more likely than Republicans to have heard of QAnon

Americans who have tend to hold it in an unfavourable light Read

Rotten to the Core?

How America’s Political Decay Accelerated During the Trump Era Read

Biden anticipated to undo Trump’s pro-life policies

Abortion advocates are expecting President-elect Joe Biden to reverse all of President Trump’s work achieving pro-life victories.Read

Astronomers Have Finally Found the Cause of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts

FRBs puzzled astronomers since they were discovered in 2007. Now, researchers have caught one coming from a dead star in our galaxy. Read

Ancient Roman Gladiators: Origins and History Read

Biden Can Reinvent American Power for a Post-Trump World

The U.S. president-elect promises a humble foreign policy. That can start by coming to terms with America’s diminished capacity to lead the world after Trump. Read

The Trump era in covers

Our editors pick out 13 covers that chronicled a presidency like no other Read

Explainer: What is quantum communication?

Researchers and companies are creating ultra-secure communication networks that could form the basis of a quantum internet. This is how it works. Read
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