Top headlines 11-05-2020

The Hill

Biden wins battleground Michigan

Winners and losers from 2020’s election

Republicans hold onto competitive Indiana House seat

New Trump campaign lawsuit targets late-arriving Georgia mail ballots

Ohio police investigating after gunfire opened on house with ‘Dump Trump’ sign


Democrats’ hopes of US Senate control dwindle

What is the electoral college?

Who has the easier path to victory?

How to face uncertainty


Deprived of a Quick Decision, Democrats Seek a Narrower Path

What are the remaining routes to victory? Use our interactive diagram to see how the race could play out.

The Polls Underestimated Trump Again. Nobody Agrees on Why.

Florida Shifts Further Right

Wall Street Warms to Divided Government

Business Insider

The US surpassed 103,000 new daily COVID-19 cases, the highest single-day count in the entire pandemic. And the deadliest wave is yet to come.

Having doubts about staying in Silicon Valley? Here’s how feasible it is for American tech workers to relocate to Europe

Morgan Stanley breaks down why defense stocks are cheap must-buys after the election regardless of who wins — including the top pick it expects to rally 62%

Facebook and Twitter immediately clamped down on Trump’s posts that prematurely declared election victory, but they did so in very different ways

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