Top MSM headline 11-04-2020

The Hill

Democrats prep teams of lawyers for ‘Election Week’

Federal judge orders USPS to rush delivery of mail ballots as deadlines near

Biden, Trump, the Senate and lower court selection


Four Things to Watch For When the Polls Close and the Counting Begins

Watch Out For This Misinformation on Election Day

What happens if the election results are contested?

With Winter Coming and Trump Still in Charge, Virus Experts Fear the Worst

In a Hot Election, the Cool-Headed Associated Press Takes Center Stage

The Washington Post

Voters at polls find scattered equipment outages, sporadic crowds

Ballots cast reflect historic surge of interest in White House race

In a time of deep suspicion, Americans put their trust in the vote

Let’s talk about ‘forgiving and forgetting’ in post-election America

The election has actually been the most normal thing about 2020

The presidency has come to occupy too much space in the American psyche

CDC says people who test positive for virus can still vote in person

Conservatives hope new Supreme Court majority will redefine religious liberty precedents


23 Things to Do Instead of Spiraling Over the Election

Robocallers Are Telling Voters in Key States to Stay Home. Don’t Buy It.

So Did Antifa Light This Guy’s Combine on Fire or What?

The ‘Oregon Trail’ Studio Made a Game About Slavery. Then Parents Saw It

Justin Trudeau Moves to Regulate Netflix, Spotify to Push Canadian Content

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