Man Challenges Gaston To A Push-Up Competition, Only To Get A Humbling Surprise

The actor playing Beauty and the Beast’ s Gaston at Disney World in Orlando is known for his bravado, especially after a video of a little girl putting him in his place went viral last month. However, it looks like her adorable scolding of the cartoon villain didn’ t hurt his confidence, as this new video shows him accepting a push-up challenge from a young man.

As they start, the challenger manages a series of slow push-ups, while Gaston flies through a series of fast exercises before moving onto a set of incredible one-handed push-ups. Gaston easily comes out as the victor, much to the amazement of the challenger and tourists.

(source Blake Platt)

That actor really plays the part perfectly. This line was just golden: “ Looks like he is struggling… PERHAPS HE NEEDS A HAND!”

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