Kings and princes abandoned royal life because of love

Through their official account on Instagram, the couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the “Duke of Sussex” abandoning their royal duties a few days ago, adding that they would educate their son between North America and Britain, and it was reported that Megan would contract with Disney to perform the audio in her films, in addition to her work in the fashion industry.

But although the surprise seemed to be the first of its kind, the spouses are not the first to give up royal titles or royal duties in modern history, they were preceded by many kings and princes, and if the reasons or consequences of such a decision differ.

King Edward VIII British King Edward VIII abandoned his title and duties as king in 1936, in order to marry the American lady Wallis Simpson, who was divorced twice and is still at large alive, which was contrary to the laws and traditions of the royal and societal at the time, but also the laws of the Anglican Church that was not Accept this at the time, especially since the king was the supreme head of the church.

The king then decided to abdicate in exchange for marrying the woman he loved, then the crown moved to his brother George VI (the father of Queen Elizabeth II), who was not supposed to become an heir to the throne, so he lived in the shadows throughout his life and suffered from the stuttering problem, and he developed cancer The lung, however, was described as patriotism and courage when he insisted on staying with his family in London and not leaving it despite the country’s airstrikes by German forces between September 1940 and May 1941.

As for Edward, after he abandoned the crown he became the Duke of Windsor, and lived with his wife in France, in a state close to exile until his death in 1972.

Given what happened next, some historians think that King Edward’s abdication was one of the best things he did for Britain since he assumed the throne he had sparked many conflicts in Parliament and with different politicians, and he later showed great sympathy for the Germans, who is What made Winston Churchill, the then British Prime Minister, exclude him from France and appoint him as governor of the Bahamas.

British Prince Philip Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, abandoned his royal duties as a Duke of Edinburgh in 2017, and if this step was tantamount to retirement and not abandoning his role because he abandoned these duties due to his advanced age, then Prince Philip had completed 96 years and had taken care of business The royal family for more than 70 years.

But this is not the first time that Prince Philip has given up his royal title. He previously abandoned a royal title in order to marry Princess Elizabeth – her time – Prince Philip belongs to the royal family of Greece and Denmark who was exiled from Greece, and had to give up his royal title Greek While retaining the last English name for his grandparents, he was thus able to marry Princess Elizabeth in 1947, who in turn became Queen of Britain.

Norwegian Princess Martha Louise It is not just Britain. The Norwegian Princess Martha Louise, the only daughter of the current King Harold V, decided to give up the title of “His Highness the Princess” in 2002 by marrying the late Norwegian author, “Ariehman”, as she decided to start her own project to rely mainly on her income. , Which she subsequently offered to give up being a “princess” on commercial and legal matters.

According to Norwegian law, all members of the royal family are not required to pay taxes on their income, except when they get a private job away from the palace, which Princess Martha naturally acquiesced to, until she created a separate account on the social networking site “Instagram” away from Her royal account.

However, despite the abandonment of many of the royal privileges, the princess still maintains her fourth place in the right of the mandate of the Covenant, after the death of her father, the current king.

Japanese Princess Ayako Once again, love causes a member of the royal family to give up his surname, and this time the role of the Japanese princess “Ayako”, who decided to marry Ki Moriya in 2018, according to the prevailing imperial law, the princess who marries a commoner loses her surname and imperial duties.

But although the princess abandoned her title and tasks, her status was different, she retained her position as honorary president of the Canadian Canadian Society and the Union of Maritime College students.

Some have explained that the imperial family has reduced the number of its members to only 17, which leaves no room for exempting any individual from it from carrying out such tasks, but this did not prevent the family from declaring that it had nothing to do with the matter and that it was in accordance with an agreement between these organizations And between Princess Ayako.

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