How win a journey around the world at the lowest cost

In spite of the images and experiences infested with social networking sites for those who decided to travel around the world and enjoy learning about different cultures, the dream of travel we see is a crazy dream that remains unattainable despite the existence of companies that help in this and the presence of what deserves adventure around the world, and therefore we gathered everything you need if I decided to take a trip that could last for months around the world.

1- Prepare your papers There are some plans that you need to make sure that they are implemented, such as owning all the luggage that you may need in different environments, then making sure of the integrity of your official papers such as a medical statement, licenses, visas and a valid passport for a period of not less than 6 months after the planned trips, because some countries such as Thailand and Indonesia Vietnam and Russia make this a requirement for entry, so check the State Department’s website for the specific requirements of different countries.

And you must make sure that you need an international driving license according to the countries that you choose on your trip, and that allows its holder to drive inside the country for non-residents for a period of six months.

2- Prepare your bag It is more difficult for travelers around the world to prepare a medium bag for such a trip than to give up your job and your friends, and it is important to make a rational difference between what you need in your bag and what can be bought or rented anywhere such as swimming and camping equipment.

Read the entries of those who took the trip before you, and how they organized the contents of their bag and got rid of half of it until they chose the most important, usually electronic devices, first aid, and cosmetics for women versus clothes that few of them meet the purpose.

When preparing your travel bag, avoid filling it with fragile items, and move away from hard equipment. Turn to a soft plastic or high-quality polyethylene, and fabrics such as camping umbrellas, for example. Buy a bag with built-in locks or those that contain metal latches instead of the “zipper” zipper.

3- Subscriptions are the shortest way Visit the US Department of Homeland Security’s “Trusted Traveler” site, Trusted Traveler. It is intended for high-travel and traveler individuals, and joining them accedes to an international membership accredited as a security-trusted traveler. The program allows the use of urgent lanes at airports and when crossing international borders.

You can skip waiting times on airport security checkpoints by registering on the TSA PreCheck website, and that membership costs you \$ 85 for five years with 47 airlines, and saves you time when entering and exiting airports, you will not have to take off your belt and your shoes, your jacket, or your laptop bag, according to Time Magazine.

4- Work during your trip You have two options for earning a livelihood during your trip, the first is to collect public holidays for your trip and keep your job, and the second is to search for an electronic business that does not require you to sit at the office for hours or make the most of travel and produce videos, photos, and tourist resorts, or start launching your blog On a tourist website, or as a freelance business via the Upwork website, it brings together the best developers, designers, talent incubators, marketing agencies, advertising campaign managers, and all those looking for independent talent, freelance enthusiasts and distinguished entrepreneurs.

You can start advertising the hotels and restaurants on major booking sites such as “Booking” and “Tripadvisor”, and travel for free – if you want – by following travel competitions, or “Crew seekers” website. To work on yachts, travel with open times and trips to all countries in exchange for some simple tasks that you choose, or enter the “BBH” or “host world” and choose the job that suits you in every country you plan to visit.

5- Choose your credit card You will need to choose between the best credit cards for travelers in your country according to the annual fees charged and fees for foreign transactions against some cards that give you gifts on every trip, and the ability to book airline tickets and hotels and some cards give you $ 300 in points in the form of costs for your travel, and $ 100 with your entry And your exit from the airport lounges, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

Some cards, such as the “Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card”, give you points on every dollar you pay for stays in some hotel chains.

6- Faster and cheaper flight It is best to buy the next destination ticket one and a half months before traveling up to two months before your flight, but if you don’t, you can follow companies like Easyjet and Ryanair because they are the cheapest airlines.

As for a free flight, it can be used in another way. Usually, if the airlines are late in completing the sale of tickets for nearby flights, they reduce the price of tickets so that the lucky winner wins a cheap ticket with a free meal, and all that is required of him is always a ready bag.

Monarch, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia advertise auctions of tickets for which owners have not paid the full price, which is half of their true price without taxes, and the auction continues for days or hours, And its price continues to decline until sold.

7- Book your trip around the world There are some companies that help travelers around the world for up to 15 countries in terms of airline tickets and visas.

And you can choose between companies according to the number of miles that you will travel on your trip, provided that your plan to move between countries in one direction is as straight and organized as possible, so you go from the Arab world to the north, then you go to Europe and America after that, and you do not go from the Arab world directly to America.

Among the best of them is Air Trix of Flight, One World, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam, AirTreks of Flight Center, Skyteam.

A trip ticket around the world may cost you about these \$ 2,000 only because these sites often collect the least expensive airline tickets in the market, so before you sign up with them make sure that you choose the most suitable for your plan, and you must make sure you adhere to the first trip, because if you missed it The rest of your plan will be canceled.

Source: Al-Jazeera, websites

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