How to save money during seasons and holidays

The holiday and holiday season is related to spending a lot of money and it is time to enjoy food and drinks, but people are looking forward to learning how to better manage their money on these occasions.

A poll conducted by Experian Holidays in 2019 showed that 60% of people say they spend too much during the holiday and holiday season, and 63% of them report that these expenses negatively affect their financial resources while 84% of people think they have incentives to improve their financial situation.

Here are the opinions of saving and money experts on smart ways to save money during this season, according to a report by writer Lauren Phillips, published by the Real Simpler magazine.

Reduce spending early Shirley Yang, Vice President of Deposits at the Goldman Sachs Corporation, said that unnecessary spending like last-minute extra trips and dining abroad before, during and after the holidays should be minimized.

“The less you spend early, the less you have to cut, and if it is too late, cutting your expenses on vacation and vacation activities can help you a lot, too,” she said.

Plan ahead Major holiday expenses, according to a survey by Goldman Sachs’ Marcos Foundation in 2018, include payment for travel, entertainment and gift purchases.

The study stressed the necessity of taking a look at the timetable for this season, setting a plan for the holidays budget, and giving each occasion a certain level of spending and sticking to the same pattern.

Consider your credit card The author indicated that some credit cards provide price protection and that some money can be returned to you if prices drop after purchasing the gift, while others offer deals in partnership with large retailers, while a few dollars can be saved at one time using a guaranteed credit card You already have.

Shop early JPMorgan Chief Financial Officer Chase Alice Rodriguez has assured that early shopping prevents you from making hasty and costly decisions and avoids high freight charges. And shopping at the last minute on vacation is a miss of opportunity and adherence to any price available at that time if the gift price is more than you want to spend.

Set aside a separate account Yang suggests that if you are really worried about overspending during the holidays and are having difficulties limiting your expenses, consider allocating a holiday account early in the year or even beginning of the previous year and putting the amount of money you want to spend in a high-interest savings account.

Find sales prices The author indicated that if you are planning to get high-priced items on “Black Friday” or “two internets” then you should research the original price, because sometimes the sale may not offer the type of deal you hope to get, and it may be better to Looking at another store or waiting.

ask for help JPMorgan Chief Financial Officer confirmed that sharing food is a great idea for gatherings, and people can bring their choice of food and drink to help reduce costs.

“Ask one of the guests to bring drinks and make sweets, and if you have a variety of tastes or food restrictions for guests, you can make sure that everyone has what they want and can eat it,” she said.

Consider AutoSave The writer confirmed that some banks offer an automatic saving feature that transfers a specified amount in dollars after checking the account into savings with every purchase, and many savings applications offer the same service.

Thinking about registering for this service before the holiday season can save a little while you spend, Rodriguez says.

Spend your potential If your budget is limited, do not start looking for ways to spend that exceeds your ability, because personal loans, credit cards, and installment loans allow you to extend your money extension but it may also mean that you will end up paying more in the end. Source: American Press

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