Golden tips for winter sports

Exercise is especially useful during winter, as it strengthens the immune system. To take advantage of the benefits of sports, the body should be well protected from the cold by wearing appropriate clothing.

German sports medicine specialist Karl-Heinz Zielberger said that exercise in winter has great health benefits.

Sport is also an effective weapon to fight the so-called ‘winter depression’, a seasonal depression caused by the dark, cloudy and rainy weather prevailing at this time of year. These symptoms include sadness, depression, mood disorder, loss of motivation, feeling tired and lethargy.

Winter depression can be countered by endurance sports, such as jogging and walking with sticks. It stimulates blood circulation, eliminates fatigue and improves mental and mood status.

Onion concept For his part, the German professor Ingo Frobose pointed to the importance of wearing appropriate clothing when exercising in winter, recommending to follow the concept of classes known as “bulb”; where a layer of clothing is worn directly on the skin to transfer sweat out, and above the training kit, on Wear a wind and waterproof jacket in case of exercise in rain and windy weather.

The director of the health center at the University of Cologne sports the importance of appropriate shoes as well, stressing the need to have a solid sole, in order to reduce the risk of injury and slip.

It is also important to protect the head and hands with a headscarf and gloves;

Inflammation of the heart muscle The German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention of Exercise warned of a cold since it is an additional burden on the immune system.

The extra burden causes a weakened immune system, and germs spread more easily in the body, raising the risk of myocarditis, which in turn leads to life-threatening heart rhythm disorders.

To avoid this serious danger, you should stop exercising until the body is completely healing; then you should rest completely and drink plenty of fluids, vegetables, and fruits rich in minerals and vitamins.

After full recovery and return to sport should be exercised in moderation and raise the level of intensity gradually.

Winter exercise is also not allowed in case of high body temperature and swollen lymph nodes, or if the pulse during sleep is 8 to 10 pulses above normal.

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