Giant House Cats That Aren't Kittens Anymore

You remember the day like it was yesterday. You just got your brand new kitten. The tiny awkward steps and the pipsqueak meows. He or she was just the tiniest, cutest thing. But before you knew it, your feline friend wasn’t so little anymore. Your kitten was all grown up! This is the life of any cat owner, but it’s most shocking for those who have one of the many breeds of giant house cats that have become internet famous over the last few years. Their larger-than-life social status is matched only by their immense size, and honestly, we love each and every photo we can find.

Large breeds of domestic house cats include Norwegian forest cats, Maine Coon cats, Savannah cats, Birman cats, and many others. Bizarrely, compared to other types of domestic house cats, these breeds can be much more sociable, and we’re thankful for that. These giant house cats make for great partners in photo ops. Get a load of these enormous cats who definitely aren’t kittens anymore. Be sure to SHARE these adorable and funny photos with all of your friends!



“Hooman, you promised there would be treats up here, but I see none. I am royalty. Do you not realize this? I demand you release me at once!”



Ma’am, we hate to break it to you, but that’s not a cat. That’s a majestic fluffy cloud that has inadvertently floated its way down to Earth. If you could kindly give it a little nudge back up to its rightful heavenly place, that’d be great. Thanks.



“I know my hooman comes here when it’s treat time.” This giant orange tabby snuck into the snack cupboard a few too many times, so its humans had to put locks on the handles.



This large, gray-haired fluff ball went viral several years ago after this firefighter saved it from a burning home. We’re thankful to the firefighter for saving this precious cat, and we’re thankful to the cat for … well … just being a cat and doing its thing in this picture.



All hail Sherman, the Norwegian forest cat! Sherman was being judged in the Cat Fancy’s Supreme Championship Cat Show in Birmingham, England in 2014. The only thing we need to judge Sherman on is how much of a good boy he is!

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