Food that helps treat constipation

Studies have reported that the defecation rate of only three times or less during one week is a sign that the person suffers from constipation, according to the American Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Here we offer three foods to treat constipation.

Feces in constipation are dry, and defecation is difficult and painful. It is a common problem among the majority of the world’s population and can be treated with simple tricks.

In fact, diet plays a crucial role in avoiding constipation problems by incorporating foods that have positive effects on digestion and defecation.

Adherence to a diet that includes foods to aid digestion is not sufficient to get rid of constipation problems, as providing the body with adequate amounts of water is crucial in this regard. This is according to the report of the author, Evan Amingual, in the Spanish magazine Mijor Kun Salud.

And all people have suffered at least once in their lives from the problems of constipation, and in most cases, these problems are not as serious as they do not last long.

Although it is not necessary to defecate daily. However, if changes are observed in the level of bowel movements, consult a doctor.

How can I reduce constipation problems?

1- Exercise, especially helping the enemy, or hiking, and swimming, to alleviate the problems of constipation, provided that this is done at the rate of three or four times per week.

2- Drink the quantities that the body needs daily from water.

3- Consumption of dietary fiber daily.

4- In the event that the individual feels the need to go to the bathroom, he should not postpone that, because this behavior will only exacerbate the situation and negatively affect the health condition.

5- Regulating the defecation process helps avoid constipation problems. This is done by setting a schedule to go to the bathroom every day, which helps the intestine to get rid of waste every day at the same time.

3 foods that help avoid and treat constipation problems Food rich in fiber plays a major role in eliminating constipation problems, as it has laxative effects and helps the body to empty the intestine well.

Despite its high benefit, it should not be consumed suddenly, and it should be gradually incorporated into the diet.

Otherwise, an individual may experience a buildup and swelling of gases in the abdomen. On the other hand, dietitians should be consulted about the recommended amount of fiber per day because it varies from individual to individual, depending on gender and age group.

Below are the best foods that treat constipation thanks to their softening properties. And if they are systematically incorporated into the diet, the individual will be able to get rid of constipation forever.

1- Apples It contains high amounts of pectin which have many positive effects on intestinal health. In this sense, it is worth noting the importance of apples in reducing diarrhea problems and facilitating the bowel emptying process.

2- Peach One of the most consumed foods is to get rid of constipation problems or avoid them.

3- Oranges

4- Other foods There are also many healthy and high-fiber foods that help avoid constipation problems. Among them: flaxseeds, raisins, berries, dried apricot kiwis. Moreover, pasta, bread or biscuits made from whole grains or high-fiber cereals are useful in this regard.

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