Five habits that lead to belly fat

The German Nutrition Association reported that there are some wrong habits that lead to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, including:

1- Lack of sleep Lack of sleep causes the body to produce more steroid hormone cortisol, which is responsible for cravings to eat and to reduce the level of cortisol you should sleep for between seven and eight hours at night.

2- Drink sweetened drinks The high sugar content in sweetened drinks increases the desire to eat, and eating light drinks is not a solution, because it increases appetite as well, but it is better to drink water instead of these drinks.

3- Eat low-fat foods German dietitians have warned that foods containing “low fat” packaging usually contain a large amount of sugar, and instead of these foods other foods that contain healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, eggs and fish should be eaten.

It should be noted that healthy fats have an anti-inflammatory effect and help reduce belly fat and protect the vessels, and they also help in feeling full.

4- Sitting for long periods Prolonged sitting slows down metabolism and blood circulation, which inhibits fat-burning enzymes, and German experts recommend combining movement and activity during daily tasks, such as walking rather than transporting, and climbing the ladder instead of the escalator.

5- Eat late When eating food shortly before bed, this stresses the stomach because it is busy digesting. It also does not perform its duties optimally. Experts recommend not eating any food two hours before bed so as not to accumulate fat in the abdomen.

Source: German

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