Express your love for yourself and take care of your mental and emotional health

Mental and emotional health should not be confused with happiness and usually maintaining a good mood, because strong mental health does not guarantee you to be happy. However, emotional well-being is an effective and essential way to achieve a sense of happiness.

A healthy mind is a key to facing the problems and setbacks that a person is exposed to in his life, and development on the personal, professional and emotional levels and the normal mind helps us to overcome bad periods in our lives and to be able to establish and maintain healthy social and personal relationships.

In a report published by the Spanish magazine “Infemnio”, the writer Maria Vietez said that mental health is a guarantee of our public health, although the importance is not given to this aspect, and this is why many people neglect to take care of their emotions and mental health.

In childhood we learn to take care of our physical health, the importance of drinking enough water, eating a healthy diet and exercising. However, we hardly learn the importance of mental and emotional health despite its importance and its effective role in maintaining good health and feeling happy.

However, it is not too late to learn that. Do you know how?

How important is caring for our mental health? The World Health Organization stated that “a person does not enjoy good health in the absence of mental health.” As is the case with physical health, a person should not wait for a type of disorder to start taking care of himself; therefore it is necessary that we develop habits that help us take care of our minds before they are victims of any mental illness.

Also, we should not hesitate a lot to visit the psychiatrist, although this matter is still embarrassing and shameful in society, as we should visit the psychiatrist routinely as we do with a physical health doctor.

And we can do daily activities that stimulate mental health, which is much simpler than we thought.

Follow a daily sleep routine Have you ever woke up in a bad mood without knowing the reason? Perhaps because you did not sleep enough, or did not rest because your sleep was fluctuating or irregular, so taking a break is an extremely important issue for both physical and mental health.

One of the easy solutions that we can follow is to follow a daily sleep routine. Therefore, it is preferable not to use the smartphone for at least half an hour before bedtime, as we should sleep by feeling sleepy, and not do other activities such as watching movies.

It is preferable to eat a light dinner at least an hour before going to sleep, as this facilitates digestion and gives us more comfort. Also, you should set a regular time for sleep and wake up.

He left the house 10 minutes a day One of the first obvious symptoms in our lives, when things are not going well, is the reluctance to leave the house, and our desire to see family and friends diminishes. Feeling indifferent may indicate that we suffer from stress and anxiety, so we can protect ourselves from this situation by leaving the house for at least 10 or 15 minutes on a daily basis.

Talk to yourself well The perception we have of ourselves is the real key to the safety of our mental health. That is why it is important to speak well with ourselves, not to judge ourselves harshly, and to know how to forgive ourselves. This habit can make a big difference in our view of the difficult situations we experience in our lives and for the people around us as well.

Do not abuse social networks Excessive use of social networks reduces the number and quality of meetings with family and friends, which causes us frustration and loneliness, makes us feel anxious, and robs us of our self-esteem, especially when we often confuse real and virtual life.

Eat healthy food A 2015 study by The Lancet demonstrated the importance of food to ensure our mental health, just as it is important for heart, endocrine, and digestive diseases.

The results showed that the frequent consumption of foods that are highly processed, or that contain large amounts of fat or sugar; causes inflammation of the intestine and the rest of the body, which is called systemic inflammation, which affects the neurotransmitter molecules responsible for regulating the mood.

Avoid toxic relationships Personal and emotional relationships should be a haven in which we feel safe. Toxic relationships affect our self-esteem and mood. Therefore, we must surround ourselves with people who allow us to develop in the context of maintaining our mental health.

Get rid of unhealthy habits Unhealthy habits like smoking have a very negative effect on physical health, and mental health is destroyed. Smokers claim that tobacco helps them reduce stress and anxiety, which is caused by a direct feeling of nicotine relaxation. However, anxiety may be the main cause of addiction to this substance.

Exercise regularly Maintaining physical activity is a very important condition for ensuring overall health safety. When we exercise, the body produces dopamine, a hormone, and neurotransmitter of the central nervous system responsible for enthusiasm and pleasure.

Source: Spanish press

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