Expert: Washington does not want to face NATO ally "Turkey"

Political analyst and adviser Ali Hussein Bakir, the US administration concluded that it would be “absurd” to engage in a confrontation with Turkey after President Donald Trump confirmed his commitment to withdraw troops from Syria.

Speaking to Anatolia, Bakir said: “I think that after analyzing the cost and interests, the US administration concluded that it would be futile to engage in a confrontation with Turkey; NATO ally and long-time partner, sacrificing Ankara for a tactical partnership with the Syrian branch. To organize BKKA (JBK) “.

Bakir, who holds a Ph.D. from the Beirut Arab University, believes that Turkey will carry out its imminent operation “gradually” to clear the border areas of the terrorists “YBK / PKK”, without penetrating further to achieve two main objectives, “repel” Threatening the PKK on its borders, and securing the return of some refugees to their hometown and territory in the north. “

The expert pointed to the existence of an “undesirable scenario”, which is to hand over the organization “YBK / BKKA”, areas controlled by the regime of (Syrian President) Bashar Assad, before the Turkish operation.

Asked whether the US withdrawal could bring the YPK closer to Assad or Iran, Bakir replied: “All scenarios are possible.”

“YBK never opposed the Assad regime, and at certain times he maintained good relations with Iran. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the organization strengthened its relations with Assad.”

He pointed out that the Assad regime was “the actual founder” of the Syrian branch of the organization “PKK / PKK”, when it hosted, supported and used Abdullah Ocalan, leader of PKK, imprisoned, against Turkey.

He continued: “(the Syrian regime) used the PKK, later against Ankara at the beginning of the Syrian revolution.”

He ruled out the participation of Russia or Iran in the efforts to stop the Turkish operation in Syria, pointing out that the role of the two countries in the region is “to help Assad control the Syrian territory.”

“Russia may later be interested in brokering an agreement with YPK, but as I said before, it is still too early to predict what the outcome will be.”

He stressed that “the best option” for the organization “YBK / BKKA”, is to dissolve himself, and surrender his weapons and become a political party.

The way to do this is to “legitimize himself, join the political process, stop being a tool of Assad, pave the way for long-term sustainable relations with Turkey, and make gains for northern Syria,” he said.

On Monday, the United States began withdrawing its troops from its temporary military outposts in the cities of Tal Abyad, Raqqa countryside, and Ras al-Ain, in Hasakah countryside, bordering the Turkish border, northeast of Syria, amid talk of an impending Turkish operation east of the Euphrates to clear the area of ​​terrorists and establish a safe area.

The White House announced in a statement on Monday morning that “Turkey will soon move with a military operation planned for a long time in northern Syria, and US forces will not support this process will not participate in it.”

Earlier on Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the safe area Turkey seeks to form in Syria is the only humanitarian and logical way to give the Syrian people the opportunity to return to their homes and areas.

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