Don't do these things just to please others

We often try to show that we are perfect to be loved and accepted by society, but no one is perfect, and we cannot please everyone around us, nor should we try to do so. Here is a list of things we should stop doing to impress others:

1. Pretending modesty does not make you humble People who claim modesty are the most honest ones compared to others. Humility is like showing off on the one hand and complaining about it on the other, which may ultimately mean that you’re just an annoying person. If you want to show off, all you have to do is show off directly, according to a report published by the American “Brightside” website of Lactina Paulina Chernivina and Natalia Taylor.

2. Travel to show off instead of enjoying People usually travel to show their social status, and people like them instead of exploring the place they visited; to attract other people’s attention or their liking on social media, and people usually choose destinations that will provide them with a good background for their photos on Instagram.

It is time for us to stop looking at our luxury phones and cameras, to live the moment and be thankful for the landscapes we see in travel.

3. Impress someone to hide your fear The era of modern acquaintance requires this generation to impress everyone with the person they wish to be connected to and show them the “happy aspects of their lives”, instead of being honest with them. This is mainly because one or both partners are concerned about whether or not the other party loves them. Indeed, honesty always helps, because the right person will always appreciate your honesty and will never leave you.

4. Not behaving in your nature Sometimes we go beyond all limits to impress someone, like dressing up more than usual, dressing up in luxurious clothes, and exaggerating courtship. These practices may be natural, as sometimes bragging is only for the sake of coexistence with society, but what does not seem natural is when you become a completely different person to impress others and do things that you do not feel comfortable doing; you should avoid all of that.

5. Expose your relationship on the means of communication Couples today prefer to show their relationship on social media to prove their love for each other. One study shows that husbands’ desire to post a lot of posts about their relationship is called highlighting the relationship.

Couples who feel insecure about their relationship or are concerned about their wives use social media platforms to feel better. In other words, positive comments on their social media account may reduce their personal anxiety about their relationship.

6. Spending a lot of money on weddings Nowadays the primary goal of weddings is to show wealth, impress guests or just make “the moment” a special moment. However, research indicates that setting up a luxurious wedding ceremony may increase the chances of divorce, and non-lavish weddings can lead to happy and long-term marriages.

7. Give up on your dreams Having dreams and aspirations is one of the best ways to thrive in life, especially if you work to fulfill them. You may go a long way to this special moment, but it may all be in vain if you are forced to give up the things you devoted your life to just to please another person. Do not do this yourself because you deserve the best.

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