Don't be fooled by the health aura Vegetable milk is more sugary than cow's milk

Health experts warned that beverages containing a liquid milk substitute may be less healthy than beverages made from cow’s milk, advising shoppers to pay attention to the tricks that market the “healthy aura” of plant foods.

Many cafes do not label enough drinks with milk to show how much sugar they contain, the writer and journalist Sarah Knapton said in a report in the British Telegraph newspaper, according to a new study of seasonal hot drinks conducted by Action on Sugar.

Starbucks oatmeal contains more than seven teaspoons of sugar, equivalent to 29.5 grams and 350 calories compared to the same drink made from half-fat milk, which contains only five teaspoons and less than half the calories. It is 168 calories.

It was also discovered that a hot chocolate caramelized drink with whipped cream using oat milk contains more than 23 teaspoons of sugar, equivalent to eating four pieces of white chocolate and strawberry flavored pancakes or drinking three cans of Coca-Cola.

Similarly, the hot chocolate drink offered by Britain’s usual British shops consists of coconut milk and rice, on 10 teaspoons of sugar compared to the full-fat Lyon milk, which contains only four teaspoons.

Cow milk substitute For people looking for an alternative to cow’s milk, they inadvertently consume extra sugar because of the lack of labeling and “healthy aura” of vegetable options. The research showed that a change from oatmeal to almond milk consumption could reduce sugar content by about a third.

Catherine Jenner, campaign manager at Action on Sugar at the University of London, said consumers looking for dairy substitutes might be shocked to learn that many cafes and restaurants use local substitute milk, especially since nutrition information is often hard to find. Information is only available on websites or not at all.

The amount of sugar a day For adults, the amount of sugar to be consumed per day is 30 grams, for children, it is 25 grams for those between the ages of 11 and 16 years, 20 grams for children 5 to 11 years, and only 15 grams for children from 2 to 5 years.

In this context, the campaign group called for a tax on sugary drinks set by the government to include milk drinks, as well as those containing extra juices.

Soon, the largest products in the survey will receive a red badge for total sugar exceeding more than 13.5 grams per serving, with the exception of Costa Gingerbread Latte and Brits Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte, which will receive an amber alarm.

Increased sugar in products The author stressed that some stores have increased the proportion of sugar in their products since the last survey three years ago, and in 2016 was vanilla latte in the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” contains 19 grams of sugar, and now contains 26 grams.

“The results are worrying because many children consume these festive drinks that are not only harmful to their overall health, but also to the health of their teeth,” said Dr. Sol Confesser of the Dental Wellness Trust.

Every day at least 100 children are hospitalized in the UK after their rotten teeth have been pulled out because of decay caused by fully preventable sugary foods and drinks, the writer said.

It should be said that it is time for cafes and restaurants to behave more responsibly, which means reducing the amount of sugar and meals on their drinks list, and stop making profits on the health of individuals, as these added sugars will feed obesity and contribute to the type of diabetes Second, worsening tooth decay crisis.

Source: American Press

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