Does hair coloring cause breast cancer? That's what you should know

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Breast cancer is 14 percent more likely to occur in women who have dyed their hair, according to a study by a British surgeon recently.

It is best not to dye her hair more than two to three times a year, according to a report in The Independent, quoting a doctor.

He advised the need to resort to natural dyes, such as henna and beetroot. “What I find disturbing is that some women dye their hair once every four weeks,” he told the newspaper.

“There is no doubt that we need more research to prove the results of our study. But we believe that exposure to chemical pigments increases the risk of breast cancer.”

“The association between hair coloring and breast cancer does not mean that dye is the primary cause and that disease is the inevitable consequence,” he said on Facebook.

He also tweeted that women over the age of 40 should undergo regular check-ups and that they could use natural, non-hazardous ingredients to dye hair.

In a recent medical study, a link between dyes, chemical hair conditioners, and breast cancer has been detected. These substances increase the risk of breast cancer, with a difference in its effect between black and white women.

Studies have shown that women of black skin increase the incidence of breast cancer by 51% after the use of hair dyes dark color, while increasing by 74% in women of white skin when using creams soft hair, and this is due to the existing chemicals In dyes and softeners, which damage the DNA by absorbing the body of dangerous chemicals available in these products.

Dear, you should make sure to perform early breast cancer screening periodically to make sure of your safety first, and to be able to cure the disease in its early stages second, and start the process of treatment appropriate for you, and never worry if you have the impact of breast cancer on the health of the hair such as side effects associated with treatment as a loss Hair, weakness and lackluster color, as your health is the most important at this stage, and the rest of the formal aesthetic things compensated later, and can be remedied and recovered over time and by applying the above tips of internal care through a healthy diet and external through the use of natural materials for hair And avoid chemicals.

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