Could Berlin be cordoned off because of the coronavirus?

In view of the possible spread of the novel coronavirus in Europe, the Berlin authorities are also playing through the option of cordoning off the city or parts of it – similar to some municipalities in northern Italy. Whether and to what extent such a drastic measure can be implemented is open, as interior senator Andreas Geisel made clear on Tuesday.

“It will not be easy in any case,” said the SPD politician in the press conference after the Senate meeting on request. “But, of course, civil protection is prepared in Berlin. We have the appropriate civil protection plans. And, if it were necessary and a corresponding dangerous situation was determined, such things could also be initiated. “

Questionable whether Sealing off in Berlin makes sense

Geisel continues: “The question is how effective is that and does it work in a 3.7 million – Inhabitant city as extensive as is the case in small towns in northern Italy. But yes, we are also concerned about these questions. ” After the coronavirus outbreak there are hundreds of cases in Italy According to the health administration in Berlin, no cases have been proven so far. In the northern Italian regions of Veneto and Lombardy, several municipalities were cordoned off to prevent the virus from spreading further.

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