Are you an introvert? Investing in business is the road to success

It is easy to imagine that introverts see their qualities as an obstacle in their careers, especially when our culture glorifies the hustle and charisma.

This does not apply to Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Marissa Mayer, and Michael Jordan, who are among the most successful introverts in history, along with Abraham Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt. Many of the world’s most successful people like John F. Kennedy and David Letterman also love isolation.

Whichever represents your dream job: spend your day brainstorming, chatting with coworkers in an open office, a day without meetings and enjoying your own creative project? If you choose the second option, you may be an introvert.

About introvert In a report published by the Business Insider website, writer Melody Wilding considered that an introvert is more sensitive to stimuli, noting that many introverts prefer deep thinking and meditation. Most of all, they often need breaks and recharge to do their jobs best.

The emergence of introverts The increasing recognition of the introverted movement provoked by leaders such as Susanne Caen means that different working methods are now more adopted than ever. Studies show that introverts make up more than half of the US population today.

Ways to take advantage of your own strengths It’s time to let your senses shine, use your strengths, and you can show your full qualities at work, including your quiet ones. Here’s how to use allergy to your advantage and succeed in the workplace:

  1. Take advantage of your strengths Your emotional intelligence, compassion, and mastery of practical communication represent skills that make you a loyal and valuable member of the team (even if teamwork isn’t your favorite).

Your curiosity prepares you for leadership, so look for opportunities to practice this creativity. Be a person who asks thoughtful questions that lead people to think differently, and you will soon be seen as innovative.

Introverts can be great salespeople precisely because they tend to be very skilled at building relationships, listening, and empathizing with customer needs. However, be careful when choosing a career that requires a lot of travel, excessive noise or distraction, it may not be for you.

  1. Focused on power management, not time management The work does not end, but your energy is not. The secret of high performance for introverts is to take advantage of their natural strengths and weaknesses. Track your workday activities for one week and rate the activity each one gives you.

Look for recurring patterns at different times of the day when you feel very attentive, eliminate tasks that drain your energy, and do more in the work that strengthens you.

It is advisable to start the day with writing or creative work that requires focus before opening your email if you notice you are more focused in the morning. Introvert customers are also recommended to leave a 15-minute interval between all appointments, to give themselves space to relieve stress.

Don’t forget to make self-care part of your daily to-do list. For introverts, recharging is an important part of business prosperity. It is also advised to devote a lot of time to self-reflection about what you want in your long-term career.

  1. Create the conditions for success Introverts feel more sensitive to their surroundings. So, build a workspace that feels comfortable and quiet. Small changes such as natural lighting and the use of noise cancellation headphones can make a big difference in your mood and well-being.

  2. Talk about your preferences with others Introverts have a bad habit of living within their own world. Rich indoor life is great, but unfortunately, people can’t read your thoughts, which is why it’s important to talk about your preferences with others. Talk about what you need and want, whether it takes extra time to take notes or ask for a report instead of submitting it.

Introverts often fail to prepare for motivational situations when they are not ready, so it is advisable to practice special exercises such as stretching and deep breathing and use them to concentrate before going through difficult situations.

Try as much as possible to prepare in advance for meetings that can represent the worst nightmare of an introverted person. Ask the agenda in advance for a chance to gather your ideas and prepare questions.

  1. Be social in your style There is a myth that introverts are anti-social or shy, but simply prefer to build relationships differently. It is advisable to meet your basic human need to belong by communicating with others, such as inviting a coworker to lunch or focusing on meeting a new person at a conference. When it comes to communication, focus on the quality of relationships rather than quantity. Be social in a way that suits your style.

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