AP-NORC poll: How Americans describe 2020 Democrats, Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — Competent, a fighter, trusty. Worn, out of contact, disingenuous. And, obviously: who’s that?

As the 2020 campaign intensifies, a poll from The Connected Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Be taught requested Americans to assert what be aware or phrase involves mind after they assume the tip candidates, alongside with incumbent President Donald Trump.

Every purchased both positive and detrimental responses; In some cases, a astronomical share didn’t know sufficient about the candidate to give a description.

Right here’s a gaze at how Americans characterised the contenders:


Many Americans assume the long-established vice president’s job when requested about Joe Biden, however one response ranked above all others: He’s “frail.” Sixteen percent of those pondering of a phrase to narrate Biden level out his age, alongside with similar shares of Democrats and Republicans.

One 34-300 and sixty five days-frail Democrat talked about he’s “residing within the past,” and others known as him “past his high.”

About 1 in 10 both name him as long-established vice president or assume long-established President Barack Obama. Biden has spent considerable of the campaign drawing on his connection to the first African American president.

But any other 5% criticize his mind or talking abilities, cherish calling him “bumbling,” as one 78-300 and sixty five days-frail did, or declaring gaffes.

Mute, about 2 in 10 narrate fondly of Biden, alongside with many asserting he’s experienced or “trusty.”

“Style heart. Good man,” talked about one 41-300 and sixty five days-frail man.


The billionaire is identified for trusty that: About 3 in 10 of those describing long-established Recent York Metropolis Mayor Mike Bloomberg talked about his wealth, or urged he used to be buying the election. Many merely talked about “money” or “rich.” A 62-300 and sixty five days-frail Democrat described him as “buying votes.”

Some others described Bloomberg as dishonest, calling him names cherish “liar.”

Mute, shut to 2 in 10 Democrats incorporated positive phrases on Bloomberg, alongside with “action oriented,” and “colorful.”


Pete Buttigieg sees more variation within the sorts of phrases folk dispute to narrate him. About 1 in 10 call out his age, asserting he’s “younger.” Roughly one more 1 in 10 level out that he’s natty and a identical share call him inexperienced. The 38-300 and sixty five days-frail long-established mayor of South Bend, Indiana, entered the competition distinguishing himself from his septuagenarian competitors, and advocating for Democrats to turn the web teach.

“Succesful however inexperienced,” talked about one 73-300 and sixty five days-frail Democrat.

But any other Democrat thought to be his age a profit, no longer a flaw: “Younger and fresh suggestions,” the 40-300 and sixty five days-frail talked about.

Additionally distinguishing Buttigieg: He may well maybe well be the first openly homosexual U.S. president. About 1 in 10 level out his sexual orientation.

Total, about 4 in 10 Americans don’t bear something to assert about Buttigieg.


Amy Klobuchar is a life like, a midwesterner and among those running to be the first lady president of the United States. While of us that teach her assume those and more, none stands above the others.

No single response is veteran by more than 6% of those describing the Minnesota senator. About half of of Americans, alongside with about 4 in 10 Democrats, don’t give a description.

Among Democrats, 1 in 10 assume her mind, calling her “natty,” and 6% level out her centrist ideology and “pragmatism.” Some give detrimental reactions, alongside with a pair of asserting she is “imply to her group” — a widely reported files fable early within the campaign. Others trusty known as her “okay.”

But more are on the full positive, the dispute of phrases cherish “cheap,” “stable” and “loyal.”

“Rational and experienced,” talked about one Democrat, 67.


About a quarter title liberalism, socialism or communism when requested to assume Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator has forcefully pushed the Democratic Celebration left with grassroots campaigns in both 2016 and 2020, calling for overhauls to health care, Wall Dual carriageway and elevated education. While Republicans are in particular more seemingly to level out ideology, nearly 1 in 10 Democrats invent, too.

Some call him “loopy.” Esteem Biden, Sanders also will get knocked for his age, with roughly 1 in 10 calling him “frail.”

“Too extreme and too frail” talked about one Democrat, 55.

But among Democrats, many teach Sanders as “natty,” “huge” or “trusty,” or invent references to health care policy.

“Leader of the lengthy disappear,” supplied a 28-300 and sixty five days-frail Democrat. But any other Democrat, 62, known as him a “warrior for the folk.”


Esteem Bloomberg, Tom Steyer is identified for being “rich,” with wealth talked about by 14% of of us that volunteer a be aware to narrate him.

One 30-300 and sixty five days-frail Democrat says he’s “attempting to bear the election.”

About 1 in 10 level out the businessman’s first foray into politics, such as asserting he’s “inexperienced” or “unknown.” Total, about half of of Americans don’t know sufficient to give a reaction to Steyer.

But any other Democrat, 72, centered no longer on his wealth however on his probabilities: “All of the style down to earth however no longer as a lot as challenge.”

Five percent of Democrats level out native weather change, a controversy he has championed.


Americans don’t coalesce around one manner of describing Elizabeth Warren. A sizeable share assume “dishonest” and “lies” — descriptions that are concentrated carefully among Republicans. Five percent of those describing her level out her left-leaning politics. Identical percentages call her “natty” or “stable.”

Among Democrats, descriptions focus on energy, a willingness to fight and competence.

“Sparkling and nicely-seasoned,” says one Democrat, 45.

“She has a scheme!” says one more, 60, referencing the early-adopted mantra of the Massachusetts senator’s campaign.


As is the case for most measures of the president, the phrases supplied to narrate him are deeply partisan.

Shut to 2 in 10 Republicans teach Trump’s leadership or his presidency. Others known as him “trusty” or “trusty.” Trump faces nearly no challenge for the Republican nomination, and responses counsel that’s trusty dazzling with his supporters.

“Most inviting president ever,” talked about one Republican, 63. Many volunteered Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan: MAGA. A 68-300 and sixty five days-frail lady known as him a “huge chief.”

Mute, some Republicans went detrimental, alongside with calling him “smug” or a “liar.”

Meanwhile, Democrats volunteered those and loads of of quite loads of detrimental phrases in reaction to the president. Many labeled him “notorious,” “racist,” “wicked” and a “bully.”

The AP-NORC poll of 1,074 adults used to be conducted Feb. 13-16 the dispute of a sample drawn from NORC’s probability-essentially based entirely AmeriSpeak Panel, which is designed to be representative of the U.S. population. The margin of sampling error for all respondents is plus or minus 4.2 percentage facets.

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