Amazon Products You Never Knew You … or Anyone … Needed

It’s not hyperbole to say that Amazon has completely changed the retail marketplace forever. The site has opened up retail to anyone with internet access. Along with that, however, it’s given every kind of product under the sun a marketplace.

Some of these products are brilliant, some of them are superfluous, and some of them are downright strange to the point where you may question if anyone would ever actually buy them.

Take a look with us as-as we spotlight some of the oddest products available from the online retailer.

How many of these products do you think you’d buy? Any of them?

1. PopSockets


The PopSocket is a small disc that can be attached to the back of a smartphone or tablet. The device lays flat but can be “popped out” to make a convenient handle and stand for the device. It comes in multiple colors and designs.

2. Goertek 3-In-1 Smartphone Camera Lens


The Goertek 3-in-1 camera lens can be attached to any smartphone and provides three distinct lenses, plus light for photos. According to the listing, it includes: “Fill light, wide-angle lens and macro lens. You can use it to take travel photos, portraits, cityscape, even detailed scenes, and objects.”

3. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Air Purifying Bag

Though it may not look like much, the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag advertises itself as “an easy, convenient way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor-free environment.” The chemical-free bamboo charcoal absorbs odors and toxins in the air. The bag can last for up to two years, only requiring monthly sessions in the sun.

4. Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker

Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker

If you’ve ever had the desire to throw a home-brew version of the Electric Daisy Carnival, the Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker might be just what the DJ ordered. The bulb features 10 shades of colors and a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can stream music from an app.

5. Glow in the Dark Walkway Pebbles

Glow in the Dark Walkway Pebbles

The perfect landscaping for fans of the planet Pandora from James Cameron’s Avatar, these glow in the dark pebbles, these will give a backyard or walkway with an ethereal blue glow. The stones absorb sunlight throughout the day, which gives them their glow t night.

6. SUCK U.K. Turntable Scratching Post

Turntable Scratching Post

Let your cat embrace their inner-DJ with this scratching surface designed to look like a classic turntable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t play “Cat Scratch Fever” on an endless loop.

7. Brella All Position Umbrella

Brella All Position Umbrella

Perfect for anything from a day at the beach to a trip to the ballgame, the Brella All Position Umbrella is a must-have for anyone spending time outside this summer. The umbrella is mounted on a selfie-stick like an apparatus that can be mounted on any “squared or tubular surface.”

8. GlowBowl Toilet Nightlight

GlowBowl Toilet Nightlight

Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The GlowBowl light is motion and light-activated, meaning it will only turn on when you’re in the bathroom and it’s dark.

9. Easy Jar Opener

Easy Jar Opener

This Easy Jar Opener is designed to be the only jar opening tool you’ll ever need. Its multiple-sized rings can open up seemingly any sized jar.

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