A Boy Was Asked By An Adult To Slap This Girl, But What He Did Instead Is Inspiring

What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her? How will the kid react? Will, he actually do what the adult tells him to do, or will he refuse?

That’ s what Italian video journalist Luca Lavarone wanted to find out as he conducted a social experiment with children on a busy street. Lavarone wanted to highlight the issue of violence by men against women. In the video, several boys aged between six and eleven years old are introduced to a girl and asked by an off-screen interviewer to pay her a compliment, put on a funny face to make her laugh, and caress her. They are then told to slap her.

Watch how the young boys react to this shocking request.

(source Fanpage.it)

I wonder how it would end if the situation was reversed, with girls being asked to slap boys. I hope it would end the same way.

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