9 dangerous foods people continue to eat

There are dangerous foods that people eat and may lead to death, not only a hamburger provided by some fast-food restaurants or French fries and all products that are high in saturated fat, but there are many other types.

It is worth mentioning that although some products are banned by the authorities, they are still part of the traditional cuisine of some countries, and are included in the recipes of some dishes.

Here is a list of nine of the most dangerous foods people continue to eat:

1.Casso Marzo Caso Marzo cheese is a traditional meal for the inhabitants of the Italian city of Sardinia and has a strange taste, and this type of cheese is deliberately exposed to damage, and placed inside live larvae contribute to the fermentation of cheese.

The danger of eating this product lies in the survival of the larvae contained in cheese, which are eaten by the population alive, which would negatively affect the digestive system, and sometimes lead to death.

Although the EU has banned the sale or consumption of Caso Marzo cheese to avoid some serious consequences, it is still sold on the black market. According to Lyudmila Antonova, in her report published by the Russian site “FBR” Russian.

2 – Pufferfish Ordinary people cannot prepare a meal consisting of a pufferfish. Eating this fish can lead to death if it is not prepared properly by a professional and skilled chef.

Generally, the internal organs of this type of fish, such as the liver and intestines, contain tetrodotoxin, known as the deadly toxin, and eating a small amount of it leads to paralysis.

In this sense, Japan banned the whole population from eating fish during the seventh and nineteenth centuries. Fearing for his health, the Japanese emperor did not eat this fish for his entire life.

3- Black quintet For black cumin, consumption of raw or immature leaves and seeds is a health hazard because they contain a chemical element known as cyanogen glucoside, which can produce cyanide or hydrocyanic acid. In general, eating a black cyst can cause nausea or a heart attack.

4 – Tapioca Tapioca starch can be found in South America, Africa, and Asia, where it is frequently used to make cakes or other sweets. In this regard, it is advisable to prepare the starch granules well to avoid the transformation of the compound linamarin contained in toxic cyanogenic glucosides, similar to those in the black.

5 – poorly cooked mollusks Mollusks are popular products that many prefer, although not being cooked well can lead to death.

For example, about 30 people died, and about 300,000 more developed hepatitis during 1998 in China because the mollusks were cooked on the fire for no more than 20 seconds.

Living in an environment of low oxygen levels, mollusks poison large amounts of water, causing serious diseases such as dysentery and typhoid.

For now, China bans eating this food, forcing mollusk sellers to pay a fine that is 10 times higher than the market price of the product.

6 – African frog Eating the African frog will inevitably lead to death since it contains dangerous substances.

7 – Hakarl Hackarl is a traditional folk meal in Iceland, where the Greenland shark is the main ingredient. The reason for this dangerous product is that the shark does not have kidneys or urinary tracts, which means that most of the toxic substances will accumulate in the skin.

8 – Aki Moreover, Aki is one of the most popular fruits in Jamaica, ranked among the most dangerous foods in the world.

In this context, immature acai leads to the so-called Jamaican vomiting syndrome, because it contains the deadly hypoglycin compound. Therefore, those who take the immature Aki may end up either in a coma or a paradox of life.

9 – Sanakji The traditional Korean cuisine “Sanakje” is mainly a Sanakje octopus and is served raw. If the octopus is not chewed well, it may stick to the esophagus, as it can survive, causing choking.

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