6 stimulant alternatives that keep you away from coffee

People often drink coffee when they feel lethargic or when they are drowsy and want to get rid of it. However, there are six food substitutes for coffee that give the body a lot of energy and energy. Learn about it here:

1- Almonds, hazelnuts, and nuts: They are nuts that contain magnesium, vitamin B, and omega-3 fatty acid. These three components have a stimulating effect on the body. They eliminate fatigue, tension, and fatigue, and “mixed nuts” with raisins also give the body great energy, according to the site transfer. Brigita.

2- Bananas: healthy and light, and contains healthy stimuli, due to the proportion of sugars that give the body energy, in addition to folic acid and magnesium.

Banana reduces fatigue and gives a good mood because it contains the amino acid “tryptophan”, an acid that the brain converts to “serotonin”, also known as the happiness hormone.

3- Ginger: The hot taste of its roots stimulates the process of “metabolism” – that is, the conversion of food into energy – and this facilitates burning fat in the body, and slows fatigue.

And whoever wants to wake up quickly, he must drink ginger tea, or add water to lemon juice with ginger and a little sugar and mix it all.

4- Red hot pepper: it has an effect similar to ginger, it activates the “metabolism” and blood circulation immediately, which is a few minutes the human body feels balanced and active.

Red hot pepper also contains the active compound “Capsicin”, which is responsible for the burning aftertaste, and it contributes to warming the body, as well as burning fat.

5- Citrus fruits: As vitamin C contributes to energizing the body and giving it a lot of energy, it is advised to eat a piece of mandolin or kiwi after lunch break, as the body often feels idle at noontime.

6- Chocolate: is a stimulant for the body. Every hundred grams of dark chocolate contains about 50 mg of stimulant “caffeine”. Dark chocolate gives the body activity and improves mood as well.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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