4 Crafting Staples to Make Spooktacular DIY Halloween Decorations

Spookifying your house with fun Halloween decorations is always a great time, but did you know it could be cheap and simple as well? Maybe you’re setting up for a party, or looking for something fun to do with the kids that will get them in the Halloween spirit. There are four staples that you may already have around the house that will make creating DIY Halloween decorations super easy and super fun!

Mason Jars


A mason jar is a very versatile tool for getting your home well lit for All Hallow’s Eve. Just stick a tea light in it and you can decorate it with all kinds of paint, paper, cobwebs, and plastic critters to get just the right effect for your place. Or, you can skip the light altogether and just fill it with something colorful — like candy!



Paper is another easy tool to give a creepy vibe to your house.

Cut out silhouettes of things like bats, cats, and ghosts, and you can tape them to your door or the inside of a lampshade to cast spooky shadows everywhere. If you have floodlights lighting up the front of your house, you could even send a scary specter over your entire abode!

Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls


The best kind of DIY is the kind where you make trash into treasure. Old toilet paper rolls can make for some pretty fun crafting — in any season. Wrap one in some leftover ripped up pieces of TP, stick-on googly eyes, and you’ve got a mummy! Paint one black and stick on some paper wings and fangs, and you’ve got a bat! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.



Last but not least, of course, there’s the classic pumpkin. You’ve probably already picked up one or two of these to get into the spirit of the season, but that’s only half the fun. You can always go the safe route and cut out a fun Jack-o-Lantern face, but why not mix it up? Paint them to look like your favorite characters! Cut out little holes and stick in plastic critters, such as bugs and mice! You can even make the base into a spookily themed punch bowl by carving out enough space to fit a clear plastic bowl inside. Go crazy!

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