2020 a good year for the global economy, but it will not last

One of the reasons that enabled stocks to maintain their cohesion in the markets is the presence of a safe trade agreement with China, but the prevailing tension will continue until next year and perhaps after it.

The writer and economist Hamish McCray said – in his report to the British newspaper “The Independent” – that although 2019 was an exceptional year in terms of the policy, it is unfortunate that the economy was collapsing during this year.

Despite the uproar caused by political developments at the global level, it was a modest year for the international economy. In fact, this was reflected in stock prices around the world, as US and European markets approached all-time highs.

The author pointed out that even the FTSE 100, which was hit by several tremors due to the negative publicity of the United Kingdom, has risen well throughout the year.

So what will happen in 2020? The faltering policy is expected to continue, and although this prediction is easy, can there be another year of growth around the world, and what can markets do about it?

The United States is the best place to initiate an investigation on this matter. On the other hand, the writer does not believe that it is useful to focus on American policy. What matters to the rest of the world is the economy, and will it continue to grow during the next year?

Source: The Independent

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