10 university degrees are required during the next decade

Which undergraduate degrees will be in demand during the 1920s?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a growing demand for some disciplines in the United States, and accordingly, students are directed to study them.

It seems useful to know the professions required, which you need to know the required before you choose your academic or professional.

publicity and announcement The advertising field has expanded significantly, which could attract more students to specialize in this field throughout the 1920s, and the global advertising market is expected to expand significantly over the next decade to reach \$ 1,036.9 million by 2028.

As the industry grows, more leading and talented advertising companies will be needed to cope with growing demand. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry is expected to grow by 8%, faster than the average growth rate.

civil engineering The US civil engineering industry grew by 13% last year, suggesting that the industry could continue to grow in the coming years. Following positive growth in 2018, the engineering industry is expected to continue to grow at an average rate.

Engineering professionals will be happy to learn that the average wage in civil engineering was \$ 86,640 in the United States annually in 2018.

Accounting and Auditing Accounting requires a high level of education and the industry is expanding. Last year saw 13% growth, and growth is expected to continue. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of accountants and auditors is expected to increase by 6% between now and 2028.

That may be volatile depending on the economic situation, and if the growth rate changes for the better or worse, companies may need more financial services, writer Irene McDowell said in a report published by Business Insider.

Computer and Information Computer and information science is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, which may attract more university students to these disciplines. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the design of computer systems and related services is expected to add more than 520,000 jobs by 2028, an annual growth rate of 2.2% in the United States.

As the industry grows, more people specializing in computer science, technology, information technology, and other related areas will be needed to fill the labor market shortage.

Construction works The field of construction is growing, and while some construction jobs do not require a university degree, construction project management requires it. Many construction-related jobs – including construction project management – are growing over time.

According to Investopedia, the construction, reconfiguration, and renovation contract increased by 14% last year in the United States, and many senior jobs in these areas may require a degree in construction project management.

Environmental Architecture & Design Environmental architecture and design, as well as public buildings and housing services, are a growing industry. Overall, the industry is expected to grow by 4% by 2028, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Last year, the industry posted a 14% increase in sales in the US.

Interpretation Interpretation is on the rise and is expected to be boosted by the addition of 14,600 jobs by 2028 in the United States. Interpretation and translation are expected to grow by 19%, much faster than average, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Most interpreter jobs require a bachelor’s degree, with an average salary of \$ 49,930 a year in the United States.

Legal services Legal services are a lucrative business, and the desire to work in this area is expected to increase in the coming years. The writer noted that Investopedia reported that legal service functions were increasing dramatically.

More than 50,000 jobs are expected to be added by 2028 in the United States. However, most jobs in law require at least a Ph.D. or a professional degree.

Nursing and medical fields Nursing and other medical fields are experiencing significant growth that is expected to continue over the next decade, and the US nursing industry may grow by 12% by 2028, double the average growth rate for other professions.

It is also reported that the field will be strengthened by the addition of 371,500 jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses usually receive either a bachelor’s degree in nursing or associate degree in nursing, or a diploma from an accredited nursing program.

Social Service Social service is expected to grow over the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in social work is a prerequisite for a job in the field of administrative social work. Overall, the industry is expected to grow 11% by 2028 with 81,000 jobs in the United States.

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