10 rules: how to win the League of Legends if your teammates are nerds

10 rules: how to win the League of Legends (or Dota 2), if your teammates are nerds

That time I played for Rammus. It all started perfectly: in the first few minutes, I twice killed a stranger Ari, ensured a good start for our Lucian and Morgana, and helped to take over Li Sina.

It was the twelfth minute of the match. The brave Lucian and Morgana rushed to finish off opponents under the tower, but then the Pantheon fell on them and killed both. What should be expected – after all, this is the Pantheon, it is peculiar to it to fall on someone sooner or later.


We lost that time. But they could easily win if I followed a few simple rules.

_NOTE:_ although the examples in this guide are taken from League of Legends, all the rules apply in whole or in part to any game in which you have to cooperate with strangers. For example, to Dota 2. Especially to Dota 2.

The rule is important: do smart things and don’t do stupid things

No seriously. That’s all you need to win.

Or do you want specifics?

Rule one: don’t rely on partners

In any situation, you are a loner. Even if the entire enemy team is trying to kill you, do not expect any of your comrades to come to your aid. You are on your own, and no one owes you anything (in any case, not in games with strangers). Survive. Only in this way can you surpass others.

In addition, understating expectations is the best way to cheer you up. If the partners nevertheless descend and help to stun the pursuers, this will be a most pleasant surprise.

Rule Two: Do ​​Not Chat

Chatter distracts. Any chatter. Some professional teams train in complete silence, coordinating actions only with pointers on the map – try to follow their example.

In a difficult situation, you may want to tell Morgan that she is the most complete mediocrity and has no idea how to play against the Pantheon. Should not be doing that. If she has brains (even a little), she herself will perfectly guess that she made a mistake. Your abuse will only upset and oppress her.

But what if you ran into Morgana without brains? Congratulations – now she’s describing to the opponent what kind of animal you are in paints, asks you to register and wishes you gonorrhea. All at once – instead of playing. Have a good time!

Even if you are constructive, it is far from the fact that your advice will be taken as it should. Many are too proud to listen to you (“Who are you? Why on earth should you know better ?!”). Concentrate on your actions. Raise the morale of the team with competent maneuvers, not conversations.

Rule Three: Do Not Read Chat

Sometimes in the general chat, they say interesting things. But more often than not, there someone is witty joking about the homosexuality of Ezreal, or the Brazilian origin of the Mordekizer, or … or wishes someone gonorrhea. Be sure you don’t have to read it. You will not read – there will be no desire to somehow wittily answer (“No, this is gonorrhea for _you_ !“). Focus on the game.

Rule Four: Control the Situation

Remember that in addition to you, there are nine more players on the map, and each of them is potentially dangerous. Keep an eye on the map and the behavior of the heroes. Did any of the opponents lose sight of? There is a risk that at this moment he is sneaking up on you. Squeezed opponent suddenly confidently went on the attack? Apparently, his friends are already sitting in the bushes. A pair of comrades dancing around an enemy tower? It is likely that in a few seconds they will have to be rescued from the forester.

Card control is the key to victory. Is always.

Rule five: remember that you are to blame for everything

Your partners are well aware of this and will bring everything to you at any opportunity. Now this truth should be clarified to you. Just take it for granted and remember the first tip. The defeat of the team means only that you (and only you) did not speak enough breathtakingly.

To confidently rise in the rating, it is not enough to play on equal terms with the opponent. You are obliged to roll the enemy into a tortilla, dance on his grave, and skillfully use the gap to get his companions out of the pit. It is possible. The main thing is to play to the limit.

Rule Six: Find the Limit

To win, you have to be aggressive and force the opponent to adapt to your game – not vice versa. To learn this, you need to constantly take risks. Only by taking desperate risks will you be able to find out what you are really capable of.

In search of the limit, you will often die – this is normal. But that is precisely why it is not worthwhile to study new heroes in rating matches, where everyone should give all their best. In a serious game, it is often better to let the enemy escape and survive than to kill him and kill himself. Learn the limit of your hero’s abilities, stay as close to this limit as possible, but never overcome it.

Rule Seven: Choose your favorites …

Your teammates may whisper as much as you want to choose Kassadin because Kassadin is cool. If before that you played for Kassadin only twice (and the first time – at the third level, when it was free, and the second – against bots), do not even think about it. Play for those in whom you are sure. If it’s convenient for you to play for a specific hero, you will benefit a thousand times more than riding on Kassadin.

There are no invincible heroes. History remembers many desperate people who made it to the top lines in the ranking, playing, say, only for Lulu. Or even for the decrepit Urgot. Choose a few heroes and a couple of roles that you will own best of all – they will help you break through to the top.

_NOTE: the_ selection of several “main” heroes works great for League of Legends, but in Dota 2 it is harmful to be limited to a narrow circle of favorites. In “DotA”, situations are more often encountered when a conditional scissor hero beats a conditional hero-paper. The more characters you master, the higher the chances that you can adapt to the circumstances and in any situation turn out to be “scissors”.

Rule Eight: … but get ready to play for everyone

At one time, I chose to support and “forest” as my main positions, because I was sure that at any party at least one of them would be free. Now everything has changed: at the beginning of the fourth season in League of Legends noticeably strengthened support heroes, and now they seem to be taken by everyone who was once kicked out of the “mid”.

Not always you will receive what you want, so you must know each role.

Rule Nine: Stop on Time

Take it as the norm: if the game does not stick to the second (or even the first) game in a row, go for a rest. Korean professionals can afford to train fourteen hours a day. You are not.

Even if you want to become a Korean professional, take care.

The last rule: forget about pride

Remember the first tip again. Now imagine: you were still forced to play some fashionable Ziggs, which you can not stand, and you are pressed without interruptions … well, let’s say, the same Kassadin. You are far behind. You cannot stop him in any way.

“… LET’S GIVE UP, SHORT!” It is the wrong answer.

Maybe there is someone in your team who is familiar with the above dogmas – aren’t you the only one so handsome and smart? Maybe he even knows what to do. And maybe he already does it.

Do not panic. Do not be afraid. Trust him. So far you have been dragging everyone – that means that one day someone must drag you. Do not give up – you can save any game. Do not die, play from the defense. And forget about pride.


Be that as it may, love your team. League of Legends, Dota 2, and online communities, in general, have a lot of good people who are nice to chat with and have fun playing. You can’t hide from the bastards – they are everywhere. You can only quit projects where you have to communicate with living people. In the end, learn to play Hearthstone, master some fighting game …

Anyway, do you really need live opponents? If the answer is yes, then … good! After reading this article, you are ready for the worst. Nothing scares you more, and that’s great. Many of these games are worth learning to control the chaos.

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